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NewsAmazing moment boy, 6, executes perfect launch control in 155mph motor

Amazing moment boy, 6, executes perfect launch control in 155mph motor

AMAZING footage shows a six-year-old boy execute a perfect, neck-snapping launch control in a £35,000 car.

Teddie Johnson can barely reach the controls of the Volkswagen Golf R as it is propelled from stationary to 60mph in 3.7 seconds.

The youngster struggles to stop his head being forced backwards as the motor accelerates towards its top speed of 155mph.

The footage, which was filmed on private land, was posted to social media yesterday (tue) where it has been viewed more than two million times.

Lammie Johnson, from Evesham, Worcestershire, the 19-year-old uncle of Teddie, posted the clip with the caption: “Baby driver Teddie doing launch control in a Golf R.”

The video shows Teddie in the driving seat of the car as he is asked what he is doing.

The fearless youngster looks up and says: “Launch control”

Lammie asks: “In what?”

The youngster smiles and says: “In a Golf R.”

Teddie blasts off and the car pulls away with astonishing speed.

Further footage, filmed from the back seat of the car, shows that Teddie is having to perch on the edge of the driver’s seat to reach the controls.

Lammie can be heard saying: “Go up the top then lets do a launch control.”

The six-year-old can be seen perched up at the wheel of the Volkswagen.

Teddie adjusts himself and executes another perfect launch control.

Marc Britton commented: “Love this!! Proper took me back to the 80’s when my dad taught me when I was 8 in his Ford Granada ghia, this kid is ace! Top one to the dad.”

Michael Neill posted: “Young lad is a better driver than half the c**** on the road.”

Tom Wilkinson tagged a friend before saying: “You should get this kid to give you some pointers!”

Lee Konopka wrote: “Have you seen how good he is on the launch?”

The young boys uncle, Lammie Johnson, shared the twos escapade on Facebook.

But Ramsey Oliver Mark Dominic raised the obvious safety issue.

He wrote: “Little lad has a future as a racer. He won’t if his father doesn’t teach him to wear a seatbelt tho.”

John Richardson Downing commented: “Not impressed. The kid has no belt and the window is down.” 

Normal traffic laws, including those relating to age, do not apply on private land.

According to Slater Gordon Lawyers website, the law on driving on private land says that: “If you are involved in an incident involving a vehicle on private land – or indeed if the action which led to the incident was on private land – those responsible are unlikely to face criminal prosecution.”

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