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Welsh football fan gets precious lost mobile back from Baku bar – even though she was 1,500 miles away

A WELSH football fan managed to get her lost mobile back from an Azerbaijan bar – even though she was almost 1,500 miles away.

Helen Graham was devastated to discover her mobile containing irreplaceable pictures had gone missing in the Baku bar as she celebrated Wales’ progress towards Euro 2020.

Helen was 1,420 miles away in Istanbul when she made an appeal for help on Facebook.

Thankfully, “the last Welsh fan in Baku” saw the message and managed to swing by the bar to collect the mobile, twenty minutes before he was due to head home to Wales himself.

Helen’s £500 Samsung S8 contained irreplaceable holiday snaps

Helen, 34, and boyfriend Mike Jones, 37, from Northop, Flintshire, travelled to Azerbaijan for their team’s crucial game.

Helen realised the phone was missing the morning after but had not managed to locate it by the time she headed to the airport.

On landing in Istanbul she got the news the £500 Samsung S8 was still at the Red Lion in Baku.

Quick-thinking Mike appealed to fellow fans on Welsh supporter’s group Wales Football Official Fan Travel.

He asked: “Is anyone still in Baku? My girlfriend has left her phone in a pub. Looking for someone to collect it and bring it home please.”

The message was seen by Michael Spear, 55, from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

He immediately responded: “I am. I got 20 minutes until the taxi. Think I can get around there now.”

Hero Michael Spear

He dashed to the pub, picked up the mobile and made his flight.

The phone has since been reunited with its delighted owner.

Brian Lewis wrote: “Brilliant news – what a man well done.”

Chris Harrison added: “Great result on and off the pitch. Well done

Paul Corky replied: “Awesome well done guys.”

And Leighton Coslett said: “The best supporters in the world. Top post.”

Speaking today, Helen said: “It’s not the phone, I’ve lost so many before but the photos weren’t backed up as I had no data on to sync them.

A photo of Helen and Mike during their trip

“From losing previous phones was so upset to think I’d lost the photos of our wonderful trip.

“The lady who runs the Red Lion Pub was so helpful trying to get it back to me, but Michael was definitely the hero.”

Speaking today, Michael added: “I only did what all people would do f they were in such a position to help.

“If there is any praise or Kudos due, it should be for whoever set up the Wales football Official Fans Travel Facebook page and Mike Jones for utilising it.”

Wales managed to secure a 2-0 victory over Azerbaijan last Saturday and have since qualified following their 2-0 defeat of Hungary on Tuesday night.

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