Football fan wins hearts of opponents after joking he travelled 245 miles to game on wrong day


A FOOTBALL fan won the hearts of opposition supporters after claiming he travelled 245 miles to an away game – on the wrong day.

Bryan Power was working in the far north of Scotland when came across the football ground of Brora Rangers.

The joker, from Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, posted a snap of the fixture board showing his team, Greenock Morton, due to play Brora the following week.

Purely for a laugh, the 38-year-old captioned the post: “Drive 245 miles and get my dates mixed up.”

Bryan though it would be funny to wind up fellow fans, and decided to post this picture.

To Bryan’s amazement and embarrassment, the post prompted an outpouring of sympathy and support from the Sutherland village.

Brora released a comment on their social media account, saying: “We would be delighted to offer Bryan free admission for the match next Tuesday to make up for his wasted journey this evening!”

And Brora fan Stuart Clark posted: “I reckon if this guy comes up next week we should have a whip round for his fuel, a pie and bovril.”

Willie Huggan commented: “I’d say hospitality too. Great that the club appreciate it though.”

Jimmy Murray said: “Free admission, hospitality, and a goodie bag. Maybe buy him a dram as well. This guy is a hero.”

Brora Rangers stepped forward in an attempt to help Bryan, despite it being a joke.

He also fooled several Greenock supporters.

Stevie Withers said: “Good effort… at least you didn’t witness a defeat. You may as well stay the week now that you’re up there.”

And Dennis Crawford posted: “A wee practice run mate! You know the way now!”

Bryan eventually felt he had to own up to his prank, telling Brora: “Thanks but this started off as me trying to wind a few mates up and it’s gone bloody viral.

“Unfortunately I can’t make it next week.”

Amazingly, even this failed to dent Brora’s generosity.

The club then responded: “We would be delighted to offer you hospitality at any Brora match this season. Just let us know a couple weeks in advance and we will get it sorted for you.”

Speaking today, Bryan couldn’t believe what he had caused, saying: “This started out as a wind up on a Morton Fans page and it seems to have went viral.

“I am actually up this way for work and took the opportunity to stop in passing the get a few photos for a laugh.

Bryan shared a picture of himself beside the ground in the Scottish Highlands.

“It was only supposed to be posted to see if I got a couple of bites. I actually messaged a few mates before I did it and said to watch out.”

He added: “But now I’ve been messaged by someone from Brora asking if I’m ok. And they are thinking of having a whip round for my fuel.

“I think its hilarious. I can’t stop laughing”

Brora Rangers are currently sitting top of the Scottish Highland League, having lost only two games of the season so far.

The highland team have won the North of Scotland FA Cup seven times and the coveted Highland League Cup once back in 2016.

Greenock Morton successfully won the Scottish Cup back in 1922, however have failed to repeat the feat.

The team also hold the record for most promotions to the top flight of Scottish football, entering the league ten times.

Despite this, the team hasn’t competed in the Scottish Premiership since 1988.