Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsMoment female Uber driver unleashes epic rant at male cyclist she accuses...

Moment female Uber driver unleashes epic rant at male cyclist she accuses of abusing women driver

UBER are investigating video of a driver who launched a foul-mouthed verbal assault on a male cyclist she accused of abusing women.

The feisty cabbie, filmed by model and singer Lillie-Jo Hughes, berates the cyclist with lines such as: “Why don’t you go and get a vagina because you cycle like a p****?”

Lillie-Jo, from Islington, London, can be heard giggling at the exchanges as she films from the back.

She captioned the footage, captured during a trip on Monday: “Best Uber I’ve ever been in.

Referring to the driver, known only as Donna, she added: “You’re a legend! Five stars.”

The video shows a cyclist stopped next to an Uber.

The baffled-looking cyclist can be heard saying: “Really, really, you have actually told me what I’ve done wrong yet?”

Donna says: “You ain’t done nothing right, babe, you ain’t done nothing right!”

She adds: “Got to work, no babe I’m bleeding every month and don’t die, what’s your special talent? Not f****** cycling that’s for sure!”

She then claims: “Abusing women, abusing women.”

The cyclist then points behind him saying: “I don’t care who was in there.”

The cyclist almost crashed into another lady behind us because he wasn’t paying attention (C) Lillie- Jo Hughes

Donna hits back saying: “I’m the second woman you’re having a go at on the road. Your woman probably left you to sleep with your brother!”

Greg Gill responded online: “This woman is a legend.”

John Hewitt added: “Funny s***.”

Rickie John Monaghan wrote: “Absolutely fantastic.”

Susan Cohen said: “Sounds like Karen from Eastenders, something she would say… Hahaha well done Donna.”

But Jacob Clark was not impressed, writing: “The amount of full-grown adults that act like 12-year-olds.

“I’m starting to be glad the plague is making a come back.”

Lillie-Jo explained today: “The cyclist almost crashed into another lady behind us because he wasn’t paying attention.

“The cyclist then started to shout at the other driver when he was in the wrong so Donna said to the other lady, “I’ve got CCTV if you need it love don’t worry I see what happened”.

“The cyclist then came up to our car and started to shout at us. I then pulled my phone out and he see that and basically shut up and I caught Donna just finishing him off basically, he drove away after the end of the video sicking he’s middle finger up.

“I thought Donna was completely right! The guy was rude and aggressive tapping on the window shouting at Donna until he see me get my phone out and then he quieted up.

“She was so lovely honestly like such a genuine nice lady. That man got on the wrong side of her clearly.”

Uber have today said they are investigating the incident.

An Uber spokeswoman said: “What has been described is unacceptable and against our community guidelines. We are currently looking into this incident.”

Lillie-Jo will be releasing an EP soon, and has collaborated with rapper and Love Island finalist Marcel Somerville, and boy group Blazin’ Squad on a single called ‘Over Now.’

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