Baby, 3 weeks, ended up in A&E as “a result of rash caused by Tesco nappies”, claims mum


A MOTHER claims Tesco nappies left her three-week-old baby with a rash so severe the tot needed treatment at accident and emergency.

Distressing pictures released by the mother show the baby’s skin peeling and covered in an angry rash.

The 23-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, blames Tesco’s own-brand Fred and Flo nappies for the condition.

The woman, from Ashford, Kent, is the second mother in as many days to complain about the brand. Yesterday, a woman from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, claimed her baby, aged 10 months, was left with “chemical burns”.

Emma Knight’s pictures show a large area of raw, red and peeling skin on the tot’s abdomen.

Tesco insist there is nothing in the nappies that could cause such injuries and have privately suggested parents have left their babies unchanged for too long.

But the mum from Ashford angrily rejected she had neglected her child, saying: “I change him every hour and let him have a ‘runcle’, which my nan says means ‘freedom down below!’

“So I don’t believe it’s because I don’t change him often enough.”

She added: “My older son is in Sainsbury’s nappies and this hasn’t happened and he’s in his nappies longer then my 3 week old.”

The mother said she had been using Tesco’s nappies since her son’s birth with no problems.

But last Monday she noticed a rash developing and, on her health visitor’s advice, applied Sudocrem.

By Sunday however, the rash was so severe she had to take the baby to hospital where he was prescribed antibiotic cream.

She confirmed today his condition was improving, she said: “All the skin has now peeled and the redness is going down slowly.”

Yesterday, Emma Knight, from Scunthorpe, released distressing pictures of the “chemical burns” she claims Logan suffered.

Pictured: Emma’s son, Logan.

Emma has also dismissed Tesco’s private claims that babies had been left unchanged too long.

She said: “That is absolutely ridiculous, he is changed as soon as he is wet or dirty so no way that can happen.

“It seems they are trying to push it under the carpet to avoid the issue, but it’s not good enough.”

The women’s complaints come off the back of at least seven complaints of a similar nature from parents on social media in the last three years.

These include Sarah Smith, who last week said her son was “screaming in pain” and sustained “burns” to his bum and belly from his Tesco nappy.

Yesterday, Tesco insisted their products were safe.

A spokesman said: “We take great care in the manufacture of all our products, especially those for babies and children.

“Our nappies are made of materials which do not irritate the skin, and they go through rigorous independent dermatological tests to make sure they are completely safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.

“We would like to reassure the customer that there is nothing in them that could cause a chemical burn.”

It’s not only Tesco who have come under fire.

Earlier in this year, manufacturers Kimberly-Clark were forced to deny their nappies were unsafe after Australian parents claimed their Huggies nappies were faulty.

ASDA was also slammed by a father after his son “tried to rip clothes off” due to pain caused by one of their nappies.