“My teeth are still deffo there” Painful moment woman swings at punchbag, misses, and faceplants


THE painful moment a woman misses a punch machine and faceplants the floor has been caught on camera.

Lucy Van-Hee, 21, decided to take on the punch machine in a Newcastle takeaway on Sunday night.

But her pugilistic effort left her with a red face and a bloody mouth after she split her lip on the floor.

The clip was captured by Elliott McNab who posted the footage on Monday night with the caption: “Some punch for a girl.”

Lucy, from Newcastle, can be seen throwing herself at the punchbag. In an attempt to achieve a high score.

However, misery ensues as her hand manages to avoid contact with the punch bag  and results in her ending up in a heap on the floor.

Elliott rushes forward to make sure Lucy is okay, as she turns around blood can be seen over teeth as her friends laugh around her.

Commentators on Elliotts video have shown some concern for Lucy, as at first glance it looks like she has lost teeth.

@The_Hyruler said: “On one hand I think it’s super disrespectful to laugh at someone who just got hurt and lost a tooth…On the other hand it was so pathetic that I can’t help but to feel negative sympathy. “

Despite it looking like Lucy has lost her teeth, she merely split her lip.

@KJ_33 commented: “Many a folk have been a victim of that machine over the years.”

@Scotthannah42Sh posted: “FFS that looks painful, has her front teeth come out?”

@Demimilesxo also said: “Omg her teeth are gone noooo.”

Lucy responded: “I can assure everyone that all my teeth are still deffo there – it’s just the blood that’s making them look missing.”

Speaking of her teeth she tweeted: “They’re surprisingly okay thank god. I just burst my lip. Literally looks like they’ve fell out on the vid.”

She then said: “I’m actually the biggest retard going.”