Firefighters honour driver with a ‘mindless parking award’ after they discovered a parked car blocking their emergency door


FIREFIGHTERS were left stunned after they discovered a driver had parked their car in front of the fire engine emergency door for around two hours.

Emergency workers at Cosham Fire Station in Portsmouth, Hampshire were shocked to find the vehicle parked against the door on 28th November.

Cosham Fire Station took to Twitter, sharing a picture of the silver Ford Focus, captioning the post: “Firefighters goes to the owner of the silver Ford Focus currently blocking in one of Cosham’s frontline Emergency Fire Appliances.”

One video shows a fire engine with its lights flashing, with the Ford directly in the trucks way.

Twitter users then revealed that the car was parked without any insurance, this resulted in it being towed away by local police.

The local brigade also captured this moment, captioning their video two hours later saying: “Going, going… gone.”

They then thanked local police for their assistance in the removal of the abandoned car.

Not surprisingly, the driving skills on display and the person responsible for doing such a thing where both slammed by Twitter users.

@fireenguk said: “Truly shocking where is there common sense.”

@MrPoos posted: “Why would you ever dream of parking in front of a fire station! What T****.”

@matthewleggott commented: “I’m speechless, what a plank.”

The car blocked the emergency exit

@wos_occuring comically tweeted: “I would naturally assume it’s a donation toward your RTC training and have the roof and doors off it.”

Chair of the Hampshire Fire Brigade Union, Mark Chapman, also shared the footage onto his Facebook page, Mark later gave further details in the incident, initially saying: “The police have tried contacting the owner, phone switched off. Now going to collect the owner.”

After this, he then said: “?Justice prevails. ?Owner turns up, admits to driving without insurance and now Boarhunt Garage are assisting the police by seizing the vehicle.”

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service today confirmed the parked stopped one of the fire engines from attending an emergency.

A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service today said: “Cosham firefighters were called to a road traffic collision last night (28 Nov) when one of the appliances was hampered by a vehicle parked in front of the stations bay doors.

“The station posted a video on Twitter showing the vehicle and how it had prohibited the crew responding to the incident, putting lives at risk.”

“Fortunately, other Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service vehicles that were mobilised were able to respond as normal and resolve the incident despite the delay to the Cosham appliance.”