Gift wrapping cat goes viral after helping teenage owner with gift


HILARIOUS video showing a pet cat helping its owner to wrap a present has taken the internet by storm.

The comical scene appeared on social media on 26 Nov and shows Biba the cat lending a paw to help out her owner, 14-year old Eliza Ul-Haq.

In the clip, the 11-month-old moggy can be seen assisting Eliza, from Cardiff, with wrapping her sister’s birthday present.

As the footage begins, Maine Coone short hair Biba is seen with her paw on the present, holding down the wrapping paper.

Eliza then presses a piece of cellotape onto the package and Biba seems to tap it slightly before retracting her paw.

Eliza can be heard saying: “Thanks that’s very helpful, thanks.”

She gives the paper a final press as the clip ends, the caption on the video reads: “Thanks”.

A tickled Eliza decided to share the scene with her family by sending the video over Snapchat.

It was then posted to Twitter by older sister Rosie, 19, where it quickly gained traction.

She shared the video with the caption: “How has my little sister got our cat helping her wrap a present.”

The clip, which has clocked up more than 78,000 likes online has had social media users in stitches.

Rhianne Jo wrote: “I love it hahaha.”

Ben Burchell added: “Kitties have loads of uses! Helps wrap presents, keep your neck warm in winter, an alarm clock that never fails to go off a 5am by purring in your face.”

And Leanna Martin said: “Oh my God f****** adorable.”

Speaking today, student Rosie said: “Eliza was just sat in the living room wrapping a birthday present.

“Biba just comes over and puts her paw there to help her wrap! She’s a very helpful cat always loves to help.

“She was surprised, and so were we we all after the Snapchat got sent to us.

“I wasn’t expecting this reaction in the slightest. My Twitter is still going crazy and it’s been two days.

“It’s also all over Instagram, on many big accounts with millions of followers. It’s been non-stop.”