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8 tips to select your Bobblehead store

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With the ceaseless rise in popularity of Bobbleheads, both physical and online shops offering them also continue to sprout up. Given that so many options, it is your best interest to choose the best store that can provide you with high-quality products and give the most out of your money. No worries, we are here to help you out! Read below and discover some tips to select your best Bobblehead store.


  1. Consider the location and accessibility.

First and foremost, you have to consider the location of the store. You would always want to a physical store that is accessible and easy to go. That way, you can quickly go to them for any requests for your customized Bobblehead or pick it up right away once available.


If you are purchasing online, accessibility is also important. Your potential online store should have social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook, or better, their own website. With things getting busier these days, often it is more practical for unique Bobbleheads and makes your transactions online. 

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  1. Check the availability of samples.

When going to a physical store, the availability of samples is important. Product displays can easily prove the quality of their items. By simply looking at them, you can quickly tell if they are worth your money.


If you are purchasing online, photos of sample products must be uploaded and updated constantly on their pages, especially if they have newer offerings. By browsing through the photos, you can see if they fit your preference and meet your standards. 


  1. Verify the quality of the products they offer.

Of course, you want to receive high-quality Bobbleheads. If you are a beginner, however, it can be hard to determine if the store is providing you with such items. Make sure to inspect the products personally or read through the product description and customer reviews to assess the items using these factors:



  • Quality of the Materials


One of the most critical aspects of good Bobblehead is the material used. Often, it defines the overall quality of the product you’ll be getting. See to it that the store uses high-quality materials that are durable, flexible and won’t break easily.



  • Near-Perfect Resemblance With The Model


Creating personalized and unique Bobbleheads requires the submission of photos to serve as the base model of the figurine. As much as possible, the end product should resemble the model provided in the photos in near-perfect fashion.



  • Longevity of the Colors


Another thing to look at in terms of quality is the coloring aspect. A Bobblehead that has poor coloring impacts the overall appearance of your doll negatively. Find a store that promises longevity in colors. Keep in mind that as the hues wear off through time, your figurine will less be joyful to look at.


  1. Ask for the turnaround time.

Often, Bobbleheads serve as unique gifts for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. With that, it is critical for you to receive your unique Bobblehead as quickly as possible. On average, it should be finished and picked up or delivered in as little as 7 business days.


  1. Look for the best price guarantee.

Don’t settle for the first store you see right away. Try to look for at least three physical stores and online stores and compare their prices. Then, weigh which of these stores provides you with the highest quality of custom Bobbleheads at the lowest price point. Be careful, however, as some of these stores can charge you additional fees for base color changes, proofing, and other features you want to add to make a unique Bobblehead. See to it also take these into consideration and ask the online store in advance about these extra fees.


  1. Make sure that they have excellent customer service.

Getting customized Bobblehead requires excellent communication with your potential store. With that, you can ensure that all of your preferences and requests can be taken into consideration. Some stores have their own customer service team that will deal with you personally, through email or over the phone. Having that direct communication with them secures that you will be getting a 100% satisfactory end product.


  1. See if they offer a money-back guarantee.

We all know that mishaps can happen during the creation process in terms of design, model resemblance or coloring. With that, it is always good to stay protected. Ask your potential store if they offer a money-back guarantee should the end product fails to meet your expectations. While it can back you up, it is also a good indication that they are dedicated and confident with the products that they offer.


  1. Make sure that their process is seamless.

Having a smooth process is a no-brainer. Every customer wants the transaction to be as fluid as possible. This should always be one of your priorities when looking for a store to purchase your item.

We hope this guide helps and that you find the best store for your unique Bobbleheads!

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