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Does Santa have a new ride? Amazing video shows fairy light festooned Land Rover bringing cheer to the M25

AMAZING video shows a driver bringing Christmas spirit to one of the most miserable places for UK motorists – the M25.

The LandRover Discover is festooned from bonnet to rear bumper in multi-coloured lights as it makes its way along the motorway.

The clip shows that even the roof aerial has been given the fairy light treatment.

Scott Durairaj filmed the vehicle on 1 December and posted his footage online.

Viewers have been blown away by the clip but some fear the driver could fall foul of the police, unless they too are in a festive mood.

Scott, an NHS worker from Brighton, was passing Uxbridge on his way home when he spotted the vehicle.

He wrote: “Looks like Santa has a new ride? Is this legal? If not great as it looks fun and the kids loved it, what if a bulb goes would you have to check everyone like the old Christmas lights?!”

Andrew Jones responded: “Balls to being legal or not, but who really cares? ’tis the season to be jolly.”

Paul Hickinson joked: “Deffo not a Bland Rover.”

The vehicle has been delighting motorists

Ryan Elmer posted: “It’s legal as long as there’s no lights flashing and no white facing backward or red facing forward technically but police don’t know the law so would stop and try and fine for illegal modifications.”

Charlie Jacklin commented: “They will be fine it’s December. Let’s hope the police are in the Christmas spirit.”

Speaking today, Scott said: “It was amazing as you could see it ahead for miles on the motorway as it’s a large vehicle with a huge six foot aerial. Lots of people were taking photos and videos. We took the video as our kids were asleep in the car.”

His kids are huge fans of the car, when Scott showed them both, they said: “Was that Santa?”

“Since sharing it’s clear that an amazing lighting job is cheering everyone up during both a busy and stressful time of year.”

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