Monday, May 16, 2022
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Hilarious moment lad showing off keepy uppy skills with exercise ball hits perfect volley – and destroys ceiling lights

HILARIOUS video shows a teenager playing keepie uppie with a giant exercise ball which he then volleys – straight into the gym lights.

Leon Briton was filming himself showing off his terrific footballing skills but ended up destroying a set of ceiling lights with his one-in-a-million shot.

A shocked Leon, 19, grabs his mobile and swears before the clip cuts out.

The lad from Sunderland posted the footage online with the caption: “Pick that out.”

Leon can be seen expertly juggling a silver exercise ball on the floor of his gym.

He shows off some impressive juggling skills as he expertly avoids the ball touching the ground.

He manages to do ten keep-ups with the large exercise ball.

As he finishes his tenth, he knocks the ball out in front of him and makes a perfect connection with the ball as he volleys it down the room.

The ball goes a bit higher than initially expected, colliding with a ceiling light and smashing the fixture to pieces.

Leon quickly grabs his phone and exclaims: “F***!” as the video ends.

After the video ended, he quickly left the gym.

The video has been well received by Twitter users who found the clip hilarious.

@MRodge99 said: “The technique is unreal mate.”

@andrewg69968905 commented: “Brilliant.”

@ThomasR28935802 tweeted: “Great lights. They stayed on.”

@Niall Taylor posted: “Av it Leon lad!”

Speaking today, Leon said: “I was in the local gym and I s*** myself.

“I left the gym straight after and they never mentioned anything to me.”

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