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A review on Tombola Arcade Win Game


Tombola is one of the most popularly demanded online games in the bingo family. Tombola Arcade is a new and instant win game website that features six different games. Bingo games like spin, flip, scratch, emoji, bubble, and pick are included in the Tombola arcade site.

Tombola launched the tombola arcade in the year 2016. This new site of Tombola Arcade has amazing games filled with slots and casinos. Here are some of the good things you will like about Tombola Arcade Review.

  • Welcome gifts for Beginners

If you are newbie, Tombola welcomes you with a 200% bonus for the first deposit. The minimum deposit required is £10 and max £25. So, if you make your first deposit of £10, you will have £30 to start your game.

  • Unique games

All the arcade games in Tombola are unique. The games that you find in Tombola cannot be seen elsewhere in any other online game sites. Among the other online casino sites, Tombola stands unique because of this wide range of exclusive games.

  • Mobile accessibility

Not just the desktop version, Tombola Arcade is also available on mobile phones. Therefore any game that you have loved playing in desktop, with your favorite slots, can now be played in mobile phones. Download the Tombola Arcade app from the app store. You can log in to the game with your usual details and credentials. Hola!!! you will then full access to the entire game collections.

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  • Secured payment

Before you begin with the logging into the Tombola, you need to pick a payment method. Tombola Arcade offers five different ways to make payments. You can pay via debit, credit card, Master card, or Maestro card. E-wallet payment is also available. You can fund using your Paypal account.

  • 24/7 customer support

Be it a doubt regarding your winnings or withdrawals, the 24/7 customer support team of Tombola helps you get your queries solved.

Tombola Arcade customer reviews

Customer reviews have a vital role in the popularity of an app. Be it a gambling site or a product site, it’s the reviews that make more new people decide on whether to go for it or not. The good thing about Tombola Arcade is that customers have given both positive and negative reviews. Let’s have a look at some of these genuine reviews.

“Been good?” says James Bell.

James finds Tombola to be a good gambling site as he has earned the right amount of winnings. So far, he has made £132 profit in a month after playing Tombola.

 “Tombola – definitely fixed,” says Dave.

Dave believes there are some fake players/profiles put by Tombola to win. He also suspects the re-appearance of specific names on the win list. At certain times, the game gets so worse that even if the player plays perfectly, they tend to lose. He says that the spin game on the Tombola Arcade might be fixed. If you know the pattern, you can predict whether you will win or lose.

“Amazing site. I have won quite a lot.” – Christine Walker

Christine has been a Tombola’s member for three weeks, and he is quite happy with the results. He has lost many games but finds the app to be genuine and not fixed. Christine has shared his username Moneymaker1961258 so that anyone who wishes to join can use his referral and earn a bonus. Besides, they can play with a genuine player.


When it comes to withdrawing your winnings, you need to earn a big prize with a bonus. Only then you can withdraw most of your win. With the highest level of security, Tombola ensures secrecy and privacy for your payments.