Thursday, July 7, 2022
NewsHilarious moment boss waits with camera running for his labourer to slip...

Hilarious moment boss waits with camera running for his labourer to slip on patch on ice

HILARIOUS video shows a labourer slip on ice at the exact point his boss expected the mishap to happen.

Electrician Scott Donald can be heard exploding with laughter as his unfortunate colleague lands on his backside.

Scott, 31, realised there was a treacherous patch of ice but rather than warn Ryan Blackwood he set his camera running and waited.

The clip, filmed in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, was posted to social media with the caption: “The labourer this morning.”

Scott, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, films as Ryan, 26, confidently makes his way to the waiting vehicle.

Ryan starts to take a drink from a large water bottle he is drinking from and steps out onto the road. 

As he does so, he puts his foot down on ice and slips, landing hard on his backside as his water bottle flies out of the frame.

Scott bursts into uncontrollable laughter as Ryan sits in the road, eyes wide open as he realises he has been set up.

Ryan lost his footing outside and ended up on his backside, his water bottle thrown in the air.

Still laughing, Scott then says: “Ya f***** f***!” as the video ends. 

The video has been well received by Facebook users, who have been laughing at the misfortune of Ryan. 

Dawn Burns commented: “I’ve watched this a hundred times over.”

Ross Greenwood posted: “The way he just sits there for a while, his day is ruined already.”

Robert Wong said: “That guys reaction though……Ya f**** f***”

Scott Donald managed to capture Ryan hitting the patch of ice and could not stop laughing.

Danny Natalie McGowan also said: “No way, how the f*** did you manage to catch that?”

Speaking today, Scott cleared up all the speculation surrounding the video. Saying: “I went down to collect him for work as usual. 

“Before he came out I jumped out the van to grab something from the back. That’s when I nearly slipped myself, so I went back in the van and started to video. It’s hilarious.”

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