Friday, July 1, 2022
NewsBar worker posts horrific pictures of ear partially bitten off by female...

Bar worker posts horrific pictures of ear partially bitten off by female attacker – and claims police have done nothing


A PUB worker has posted shocking images showing part of her ear bitten off by another woman.

Michelle Thomas shared gruesome images of the damage to her ear after she was assaulted in a pub in Birkenhead, Merseyside, last month.

Michelle also claims that Merseyside Police have done nothing to arrest the culprits, despite knowing their identities.

She says her anger over the lack of police action left her with no choice but to go public and plead for more information about the incident on November 11.

Michelle’s ear was part bitten off by another woman

She captioned her post: “I really didn’t want to do this but seems it’s almost four weeks later and the police have just informed me that they are, despite best efforts, still unable to locate my attackers even though they know who they are.

“Having asked four people to leave the premises on the night of the 11th of November. They then decided to attack me, biting half my ear off (surgeon was unable to reattach) so I am hoping with the power of Facebook someone will inbox me their location.”

The horrifying images Michelle shared show the extent of damage done to her ear.

In one image, her ear can be seen covered in butterfly stitches. A huge chunk of cartilage is clearly missing from her ear.

Another picture shows Michelle in her hospital bed, looking badly beaten with bruising and cuts to her face. Her ear bandaged up.

A close up of the ear shows the work done by surgeons to salvage what they could after being unable to reattach what was viciously ripped off.

Michelle required surgery in order to repair her ear

Michelle has also released an image taken from the pubs CCTV, showing the woman who was responsible for tearing her ear apart.

There has been an outpouring of support for Michelle, commentators on her post expressing their deepest sympathy with her and hoping that her attackers are found.

Alison McGuigan said: “Bloody hell! Can’t believe they haven’t caught them! Someone somewhere must know where they are don’t worry, they will find them soon! You still look amazing so keep your chin up.”

Carrie Baker commented: “OMG what is wrong with people. That’s disgusting!! Hope you’re okay and they find the animals who did it.”

Peter Blackburn posted: “F****** hell Michelle, hope you’re ok, sickening.”

The incident disgusted many in the comments

Jessie Turnbull said: “Omg luv this is horrendous! Hope u find them babes.”

Speaking today, Michelle spoke of what happened to her, saying: “They had been out drinking all day and when they came into our pub after an hour or so of annoying customers arguing with customers I ended up asking them to leave.

“I wasn’t actually working that night but I did tell them I was the premises supervisor and wanted them to leave.

“With that one girl started trying to bite my face as I fell to the floor she jumped on me biting my ear while the other three were punching and kicking me. Customers of the pub tried for ten minutes to get them off me.”

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