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NewsHilarious moment bus stop flasher suffers instant karma at hands of police

Hilarious moment bus stop flasher suffers instant karma at hands of police

HILARIOUS video shows a flasher suffer instant karma at the hands of the police.

The man stands on top of a bus stop and drops his trousers in the incident caught on camera in Aberdeen in the early hours of yesterday (wed) morning.

But the stunt goes wrong when he sees a police car approaching, jumps down from the bus stop, and tries to run away.

Police manage to grab the nuisance who has since been issued with a fixed notice.

Annie Murchie managed to video the man being caught in the act, she then shared her footage on Facebook, captioning her post: “Absolute peach, only in Aberdeen.”

In the video, the nude man can be seen standing atop the bus shelter his trousers and boxer shorts round his ankles.

The man is egged on by a group of people, the majority of whom are out of shot.

A few seconds into the clip, a police siren can be heard in the distance. The man quickly pulls his boxers and trousers back on however remains topless as he jumps off the roof of the bus shelter.

He then hilariously tries to walk past the police car which has now stopped right beside him, clearly aware of his public nudity.

A police officer quickly leaves the car in order to catch the man as he attempts to walk away, the officer grabs the man and pulls him to the side of the pavement as the video ends.

The video has been well received by Facebook users, the vast majority of whom have found the clip hilarious.

Samuel Lindsay said: “I like how he thought if he just walked casually the police wouldn’t notice.”

The flasher has since been served a penalty notice

Julie Stewart commented: “Result for the guy holding his McDonalds for him..”

Sean Sim posted: “It would’ve been hilarious if the glass smashed and he f***** himself up.”

Jill Merrilees also said: “And what a way to spend a night in the cells!!!! He would have been fine if he hadn’t got on the bus shelter.”

Speaking today, Annie said: “It happened a little after two in the morning, he was just flashing lol.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We can confirm that a 22-year-old man has been charged in connection with a disturbance on Union Street in Aberdeen around 2:35AM on Wednesday, 4th December.

“He has been issued with a fixed penalty notice.”

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