Tuesday, May 17, 2022
NewsOnline shopper and pal post hilarious snaps after spectacular fashion fail

Online shopper and pal post hilarious snaps after spectacular fashion fail

A HILARIOUS picture shows an online shopper and her pal in hysterics following a major fashion fail.

Robyn Bishop ordered a mini dress worth £23 from Femme Luxe after being wowed by snaps of a professional model showing off the garment.

But the 18-year-old from Livingston, West Lothian, looked quite different when she put on the Nude Mesh Organza Ruffle Bodycon Mini Dress.

Robyn posted a snap of herself blowing out her cheeks while a pal looks on helpless with laughter.

She posted the photos with the caption: “Well that’s disappointing.”

Robyn was thoroughly disappointed with the dress

Gemma Lockhart responded: “They canny be serious hahaha.”

Robyn Suter added: “Your face, I am screaming.”

Megan Monroe replied: “I’m so glad I didn’t order from there now.”

And @Ellxolivia said she had the same issue with the dress.

She tweeted a photo of herself sporting the dress with the caption: “Hahaha same, made me look like a flower.”

Not so fun was the sexist trolling from several men on social media.

Louis Davies retweeted Robyn’s pictures and wrote: “Isn’t it mad how these girls think they are buying the body as well as the dress.”

This is what the dress was supposed to look like

Aaron Markham did the same, saying: “Give it a rest it just looks better on the model.”

And @MikeyCookie said: “Sun beds, bondi sands and a slimmer waist should do the trick.”

However, Robyn remains defiant in the face of the abused.

Speaking today, she said: “It’s just attention seeking for a few likes.

“I was just shocked when I saw the dress. I tweeted for a laugh, I didn’t actually think anyone would pay much attention to it.”

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