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Everything You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing From Bookmakers

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Technology had not advanced all that much, and the only tool that one could count on in promoting the business would be by word-of-mouth. However, things have undergone massive changes, and there is technological mushrooming of all kinds now. Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PR skills and the like, are potent enough to scale your business and take it to new heights.

Another extremely important and equally useful technique that can help your business to reach your target audience is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing, for the uninitiated, is a technique that has always been around the corner. If one were to trace its origins, it could be observed that affiliate marketing or affiliation was there ever since the advent of E-commerce, under the garb of different names.

For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is a way of promoting the products and services of a business on someone else’s website so that it draws traffic to the business. For every visitor and subsequent conversion the business gets, the affiliate marketer is rewarded duly. The point of the article here is to understand how affiliate marketing works for bookmakers. Bookmaking and gambling are volatile areas. They require a careful and thoroughly thought-out process of working when it comes to affiliation. Thus, let us now look into some points and see how the entire process works.

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Affiliation and the World of Online Poker and Betting:

Affiliate marketing in the world of online poker and betting is quite a delicate affair to deal with. There are several things that one must be careful of while trying to don the affiliate marketer’s cap for gambling and betting endeavours. Think of an affiliate as a third party who acts as a mediator between the business and its target audience. Therefore, in the case of a casino, an affiliate would have these shoes to fill in-

Scour for new players to get into the room
Try negotiating with other parties in the room to get some great deals for your players
However, the process is not all that easy as it would seem. People who are trying to become an affiliate wonder where to start. You could look up some programs like the affiliates programs at boomtown to get a better understanding of how affiliate marketing for bookmakers and gambling work.

How Do Affiliates Start With The Marketing Procedure?

Our discussion on affiliate marketing for bookmaking might sound complicated so far, but given the right knowledge and exposure, anyone can take up affiliate marketing. It is not very difficult to start with the marketing procedure if you had a history of playing online poker. You might have already had a few contacts, to begin with, from Skype or other social media accounts. This is a brilliant starting point. All you need are persuasion skills to get your contacts to sign up to a new room.

Getting people to sign up for gambling might not sound ethical or straight. But you must understand that you are only offering players better deals and offers. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. Plus, you will be earning a decent amount in the process of being an affiliate for these bookmaking and gambling companies. Thus, it is clearly a win-win situation for the affiliates as well as the companies. There is a little something for everyone.

However, if you want to get over your guilt trip of trying to get people to sign up for online pokers, you might as well be open about your role with the potential clients. Inform them that you are an affiliate and tell them that by referring them to the bookmaking companies, you would be making some money in the process. Absolute transparency pays off well, and you might as well make use of that.

How Do Affiliates Make Money Out Of The Deals?

There are two types of affiliation models when it comes to poker and online gambling- the Cost per Acquisition or CPA model and the Revenue Share or Rev Share model.
In the Cost per Acquisition Model, you are paid a specific amount of money for each player you can get to sign up. However, with the Revenue Share model, you shall be entitled to a certain percentage of the company’s profit as long as the player you had referred continues being active with the company.

Being an affiliate marketer pays really well, so much so that you can think of making a living out of it. Gambling and betting companies make money by the minute and to be awarded a portion of that profit for the lifetime of your referred client’s activities with the company is quite something to think of.

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