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Don’t take steroids or dangerous supplements, just eat these foods to ensure you get proper gains

Are you setting your sights on that target and preparing to shatter your goal? When you are planning for a big extra push in your workout, it helps if your body is prepared too. It needs the right type of fuel. If you are planning your meals wisely, here are the best types of foods to include in the pre-workout diet that is guaranteed to give you that blast of pure raw energy just when you need it most.


Slow-Digesting Carbs

When you’re planning a muscle-fiber-tearing workout, it is important to fuel up your body for an extra strenuous routine. The best way to do it is by consuming slow-digesting carbs, the premium source of fuel for your body. Stocking up on these carbs before your workout will stop your body from resorting to converting muscle for energy. Instead, you have enough to complete your workout with extra vigor and passion. Some of the best, low-to-moderate sources of carbs include oatmeal, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and white rice.

However, it is also important to bear in mind your timing. It matters a lot when you’re going for a pre-workout meal that contains carbs to make sure you have energy. Taking too many too close to your workout leaves your body with little time to metabolize the food. That means you won’t get the energy you’re hoping for at that time in your workout when you need it most.

If you start your workout soon after taking your carbs, you may even end up with crippling stomach cramps, the result of blood your digestive system needs to work efficiently being diverted to the muscles you are using in your workout. Avoid eating more than 40g of carbs at least a couple of hours before your workout.

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Enjoy Fruit

Your carb-based pre-workout meal can also include fruit, such as oranges that will provide you with fast and easily digestible carbs for instant energy. Oranges are great not only for the carbs and vitamin C but also as a source of electrolytes that will support the system through a strenuous workout. Besides oranges, apples and bananas are useful additions to your pre-workout meal.


Load Up on Protein

When you’re into building huge muscles, you need a protein-rich diet. It’s the protein that contains the best combinations of essential and non-essential amino acids that serve as building blocks for muscle. Protein is also critical for maintaining a good nitrogen balance essential for maximum protein synthesis and improved muscle growth.

By ensuring you get enough amino acids, you will be better able to achieve and maintain a desired anabolic state for better gains. According to HealthEd Academy, you can try anabolic supplements for this or simply stick to complete protein sources, such as chicken, turkey, egg whites or skimmed milk. For additional boosts, a daily whey protein shake works well. Whatever your choice, a shake or solid food, just be sure to take at least 20-40g before your workout.

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