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Dallas’ Gulf Coast Western is Putting Their Clients First

When it comes to the service industry, businesses rely on a myriad of factors to satisfy consumer needs.

These might include the implementation of pertinent technology, cost control and management, transparent business practices, and most importantly, the ability to provide unparalleled customer service experience.

It is through these factors that businesses develop loyal customer bases and forge long-term relationships with consumers.

Customer satisfaction can mean different things across different industries, and in the case of the global oil industry, seeking a positive long-term consumer reputation requires the ability to not only execute appropriate services.

But the desire, and ability, to listen to customer concerns and swiftly act on them to thwart potential issues and provide a resolution.

With customer service as the cornerstone for Gulf Coast Western, the oil company thrives as an example of the transformative power of actively putting consumer needs first.

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The Dallas-based company aims to leverage industry networks and expertise to explore, develop, and acquire domestic oil and gas reserves.

With a focus on garnering minimal-risk opportunities for their investors and Partners, Gulf Coast Western attributes their stellar customer satisfaction track record to ongoing transparency, maintenance of long-term relationships, and a customer-first approach.

These factors have led to the company’s perfect A+ rating and five-star customer review score though the Better Business Bureau, a feat rarely accomplished within the oil industry.

Solidifying Gulf Coast Western’s extensive commitment to customer satisfaction, this five-star rating is indicative of the company’s ongoing dedication to actively listening to customer feedback and proactively making changes for the betterment of their partnerships, not just their business.

According to the BBB’s website, their highly-valued customer rating system “represents the customer’s opinion of the business,” accurately portraying a company’s relationship from the customers’ viewpoints.

The BBB’s own coveted ranking system portrays “the BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers”.

Thus, Gulf Coast Western’s impressive scores serve as a testament to their success in making the customer feel valued and heard.

Under the leadership of President, CEO, and Director, Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western remains, at the core, a family-run business built on values, integrity, and transparency.

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Founded in 1970 by Fleeger’s father, the company has been built from the ground up by the Fleeger family, with Matthew’s professional involvement beginning in the mid-1980’s.

With extensive leadership and business development experience under his belt, Fleeger briefly stepped away from the family business to pursue other professional endeavors, including the development of businesses in different industries, before returning to Gulf Coast Western in 2009.

Understanding the importance of maintaining strict customer service standards, Matthew Fleeger’s approach to the mission statement of his family business has played an invaluable role in developing the company’s positive public reputation. 

As one BBB review states: “In the risky business of onshore oil exploration and production, Gulf Coast Western, under the active and responsible leadership of Matt Fleeger, makes sure that every joint venture has been conducted with both engineering and fiscal rigor (and) with an active risk management protocol.” 

Fleeger’s forward-facing role allows him to continue to stress the importance of transparent business practices, including engineering operations, financial decisions, and risk management, as described in the previously mentioned reviews of the business.

By publicly examining these crucial aspects of the business, Fleeger actively instills trust within company-partner relationships and develops the basis for successful long-term relationships.

Through an open willingness to be transparent about these relationships with partners, Fleeger creates a family-like environment that further propels Gulf Coast Western’s mission statements, further perpetuating a positive relationship with partners and investors.

In the spirit of continued transparency, under Fleeger’s direction, the staff at Gulf Coast Western take great pride in continuously communicating with partners to allow them to remain informed, educated, and aware of all changes, developments, and conditions within the business.

As with other low-risk investment opportunities, occasional hiccups, unforeseen changes, global issues, and industry events can create temporarily unfavorable conditions.

Unlike the case with many competing companies in the oil industry, Gulf Coast Western recognizes the need to maintain open and honest communication with partners throughout this time, and work toward finding the most appropriate resolution throughout the ever-evolving realm of the oil industry.

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In another BBB review, one customer confidently reported, “even though my investment has not always worked out, I have found that Gulf Coast Western is willing to find a way to make it right”.

This motivation to “make it right”, with complete transparency, is what further proves the company’s integrity and respect for its customers.

By not attempting to portray a perfect facade, and choosing an informationally-based, transparent route, customers are confident that they will never be betrayed, sideswiped, or kept out of the loop in regard to any changing conditions.

Furthermore, they are provided with an actionable concrete plan towards resolution, instilling further confidence that Gulf Coast Western will work diligently to resolve any potential issues on their behalf.

While treating Gulf Coast Western partners as respected members with aligned interests, Fleeger maintains a personal dedication to educating partners, allowing each valued partner to act in a manner that is most conducive to their individual needs.

This can only be accomplished through total transparency, respect, and consideration for all parties involved in the company.

Appreciated by countless partners, these commitments allow partners to feel as though they are harvesting, curating, and partaking in an active role in their partnership with Gulf Coast Western.

Proving this point, a long-term partner stated in another BBB review, “They do what they say they are going to do. Their accounting, website, and communications are excellent.

Their CEO and their customer representatives go the extra mile in answering questions, explaining the geology and economics of the oil and gas ventures, and making their investors feel like active partners in the projects.”

With a strong commitment to customer service, education, and overall proactive communication with all involved parties, Gulf Coast Western has developed meaningful long-term relationships with their partners, many of whom actively choose to continue investing with the company, and many of whom continue to recommend investment opportunities to others.

This consistent referral system indicates a strong level of trust between Gulf Coast Western and their long-term partners, with partners confidently utilizing their own successful interactions as means for referral. 

A long-term partner recently stated the following, “Since 2012 we have been working with GCW. GCW has communicated very well through the peaks and valleys of investing in the oil industry and the stock market woes and the factors that affect the oil pricing globally.”

Another long-term partner, who has invested with the company for over five years, strongly echoed this sentiment, stating “Although there have been some ups and downs in the oil market, Gulf Coast Western has continued to work hard through these trying times and continued to provide their clients with good returns. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in investing in the oil business.”

Within a plethora of customer reviews, and the company’s own mission statements, integrity and character are terms that are often used to describe Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western.

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A great source of pride for Fleeger, he attributes the company’s ongoing success and positive reputation to acting in good faith throughout changing tides in the industry, keeping customers abreast of potential changes, working with complete transparency, and maintaining a commitment to working in lockstep with customers.

As stated by a couple in another review, “We love this company! From the owner to each individual we have had the privilege to speak and work with, they have responded with integrity and honesty.” 

Investment opportunities can sometimes be met with limited insights in a globalized oil market as many competing companies do not actively involve partners in operational education and the ebb and flow of the industry, at least not to the level and commitment of Gulf Coast Western.

Conversely, Gulf Coast Western’s willingness to do just that has created a sense of security, integrity, and honesty that is greatly appreciated by their business and investment partners.

From first-time investors to seasoned industry experts, Gulf Coast Western attracts a myriad of investors with an unparalleled commitment to customer service. One such investor, Frank Schmieder, the former CEO of Greyhound, has been a partner of Gulf Coast Western for nearly three years.

He decided to partner with Gulf Coast Western in an effort to diversify his portfolio, andlooking for a stock market alternative, the savvy investor sought out Gulf Coast Western because of their intrinsic beliefs and commitment to transparency.

Since his initial investment, Schmieder has participated in six more joint ventures with the company, reporting that “throughout each partnership, my representative was always very informative and kept me up-to-date.

I have found the people at Gulf Coast Western to be forthright, professional and honest. I have in the past,and will continue to, recommend that others invest with Gulf Coast Western.”

With a focus on empowering its partners, the company continuously works toward customer education, providing routes for one-on-one communication and an extensive amount of educational content related to the oil industry, and the company itself, on its official website.

In an effort to remain completely open and available to all interested parties, the company has recently added a “Due Diligence” section to its website so that customers are able to receive direct insight into potential concerns related to the oil industry. 

In the case of a first-time investor who was admittedly unaware of the niche aspects of the oil industry, this access to education helped him to become a more confident partner.

He said: “Before investing with Gulf Coast Western, I had little knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

“The guys from Gulf Coast Western helped me along the way and provided me with a deeper understanding of the oil drilling business. I feel comfortable doing business with them, and I expect to continue investing with them in the future.”

By empowering customers, the company allows partners to be in control of their financial investments, confident in their decisions, and ready to explore the options best suited for their unique needs.

Gulf Coast Western continuously earns the trust of accredited partners, creating long-term positive relationships within the oil industry.

Through site visits, a comprehensive accreditation strategy to protect investors, complete transparency, continued education, and thorough communication, Gulf Coast Western has earned the trust of over one thousand partnerships.

This only further proves the company’s continued commitment to harvesting long-term relationships, nearly 70% of which have resulted in multiple investment rounds. These factors have equated to a deeply satisfied customer base, and consistently increasing opportunities for the company.

With countless glowing reviews, Gulf Coast Western has more than earned a glowing reputation, proven by the company’s ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

For the company, these intrinsic values are an integral part of operations, and for customers, these values translate to a successful investment experience.

With a track record of providing unparalleled customer experiences, the future looks bright for Gulf Coast Western and its partners, both current and future.

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