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NewsDisgusted Argos customer posts picture of brand new bedding - with "blood...

Disgusted Argos customer posts picture of brand new bedding – with “blood stain” on it

A HORRIFIED Argos shopper has posted photos of what he claims is blood-stained bedding.

John Rayneford from Manchester was “disgusted” when he opened his £38 Argos Home Grey Waffle Cuff Bedding Set to find the revolting stain.

He had bought the product at an Argos store in Salford, Greater Manchester, on 17 November.

Pictures show a red and yellow stain along the edge of the 47-year-old’s blanket.

To make matters worse, John says when he tried to complain to Argos, he was dismissed by a customer service adviser who “didn’t seem to think blood on a bedding was a big deal”.

A furious John took to social media to complain to the retailer.

John was disgusted by the stain

He posted photos of the bedding on 8 Dec with the caption: “Bought some bedding from Argos.

“Got it home and opened it and there was blood on it (someone must have been hurt whilst making it).

“I contacted helpful people on the webchat who then asked me to call the next day.

“The person I spoke with didn’t seem to think blood on bedding is a big deal. Be warned, it’s disgusting.”

Argos responded to his post saying: “Hi John, that’s not good. Unlike the person you’ve previously spoken to, I do believe blood on bedding is a big deal.

“Please take it back to store and I’m sure they’ll be happy to sort this out with you.”

Argos are now investigating

However, John was less than impressed. He wrote back: “So let me get this right, I have to go all the way back to the Argos store to correct this disgusting mistake that Argos made? Are you joking?”

Speaking today, John said: “It’s disgusting, how repulsive. And it made me think about the conditions they must have for the people in that factory.

“The guy on the web chat took it really seriously and said having blood on bedding was unacceptable and needed to be addressed with the manufacturer.

“The guy on the phone didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t bothered about working out what went wrong. He just wanted me to take the bedding in to be replaced

“Argos expect me to drag everything back down to the store they won’t even consider picking it up.”

Argos confirmed they are looking into the matter.

An Argos spokesman said: “We are in touch with John to investigate his experience.”

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