New research sheds light on the modern whisky drinker


New research suggests that most whisky drinkers develop a taste for the tipple before the age of 31.

The UK-wide poll from YouGov reports that 84% of whisky lovers get into the drink at a young age.

Despite being Scotland’s national spirit, the study also found that Londoners were more likely to start appreciating whisky at an earlier age than their northern counterparts.

It seems Scots take almost a decade to catch up with Londoners in appreciating whisky.

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The study revealed the 17% of whisky drinkers in Scotland started to enjoy whisky at the age of 30, compared to Londoners who are able to appreciate it a whole decade earlier  with 15% at the age of 18 and 15% at 20.

The study was the first in a series of studies from Scottish distillery Fettercairn driving the conversation around Scotch.

They commissioned the research to provide a new perspective on whisky gifting this Christmas. 

Their study found that  just 3% of the population said they’d appreciate being given a mainstream blended whisky in their stocking.

Instead people would prefer to find ‘a whisky with a unique flavour profile’ or ‘a whisky they’ve never tried before’ under their Christmas tree.

Stewart Walker, Distillery Manager at Fettercairn said: “There is still an age-old, excuse the punm stereotype around who drinks whisky and our research proves that a fine single malt is no longer just a gift for your grandparents.

“It’s great to see people looking for something a little bit different this Christmas and, with an ingenious approach to crafting whisky, Fettercairn makes for the perfect present for the whisky curious and connoisseur alike.”