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CBD Oil: How Strong Do I Go?


Since CBD products first appeared in high streets online stores, the choice of what’s available has expanded exponentially. With CBD being a legal food supplement, not only can you choose from CBD oils, gummies, croissants and even water, you can also select how strong it is.

While choice is great, too much can be confusing and even intimidating. To help with making an informed decision we spoke to Daniel, owner of online CBD retailer for the Ageless, to find out why stronger CBD products can sometimes be best. With this information at hand you can choose exactly what you need without wasting your time or money on trial and error.

Photo by Enecta Cannabis extracts on Unsplash

First up, how much CBD do you actually need to take?

How Much CBD Works?

The amount of CBD you need to take depends on the effect that you want and your endocannabinoid system. Before you can decide how strong to go, you need to know a little about how it works. We asked Daniel, how does CBD work?

“CBD is one substance but it has two effects. So, CBD is biphasic. Biphasic means that in different amounts the overall effect on your body can change drastically. Small amounts act as a mild stimulant allowing you to maintain focus and stay alert. In larger volumes it is relaxing and this is why some people believe it can help with a good night’s sleep.”

Different Amounts for Different People

I have heard anecdotes from people who have tried CBD and it seems that what works for one doesn’t always for another. Why would this be?

“The effect of CBD depends on factors that are unique to you. Namely, body mass and chemistry. Meaning no two people get the same effect. Because of this, a low amount to me may not be for you. To understand what works best it is important to start taking really small amounts and increase it slowly over several weeks until you find the sweet spot.”

“Then you will know exactly how much CBD you need to take morning and evening. This will help you to decide whether a 5% or a 20% oil is best. For instance, if what you find works is 5mg in the morning then 5mg in the evening, a 20% oil is not suitable. This is because a 20% concentration will contain 10mg of cannabidiol per drop. However, 5% (2.5mg per drop) or a 10% oil (5mg per drop) would be perfect.”

Comparing Cannabinoids

I also asked if there are any benefits to taking lower strength oils in higher amounts. The answer was really interesting as Daniel spoke about how this could actually provide you with more of the other cannabinoids found in hemp.

“The effect of CBD can be enhanced by the presence of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDa and THC. This action of a group of cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect.

As a result, you can sometimes get a greater benefit from taking the equivalent amount of CBD from a 4% oil compared to a 40% oil.”
How much difference would this really make?

“If you want to take 20mg of CBD you would require:

– 10 drops of 4% oil to consume 20mg of CBD
– 1 drop of 40% oil to consume 20mg

Because each strength contains a similar percentage of other cannabinoids, you can choose to take the lower strength to receive the benefits of say CBG*.”

*CBG (Cannabigerol) is known for relieving nausea and reducing intraocular eye pressure caused by glaucoma.

Daniel continued; “So, if each drop of both the 4% and 40% oil contains 0.1mg of CBG, you would receive more of this active ingredient if you took the 4% oil, for instance:

– 10 drops of 4% oil would contain 1mg of CBG and 20mg of CBD
– 1 drop of 40% oil would only contain 0.1mg of CBG and 20mg of CBD

In short, a stronger effect can be achieved by taking the equivalent amount of a lower strength oil.”


I tried CBD oil recently and it has quite a distinctive bitter flavour. I cannot say I liked it. Is this something I should consider?

“Oils from different brands won’t taste exactly the same, but most have a mild grassy flavour with a bitter after taste. Some enjoy it, others find it unpleasant.”

“If you don’t like the taste, choose an oil with a medium to high concentration, 20% or greater. The higher the concentration, the less oil you will need to get the same amount of CBD. A single, strong drop will still have an intense flavour but is quicker to take and much easier to wash down!”

What About Cost?

“Another reason to choose a stronger oil is cost. Stronger products seem like a large expense, but in the long run they can save you money. Strong oils often cost less per mg. If you take the same amount per day over a month a high strength oil will save you money. These will build up over time.”

We decided to look a little closer and compared some of the products available at for the Ageless and calculated a month’s cost for someone who consumes 20mg a day for 30 days. It worked out that if you take 20mg per day, buying a 40% bottle can save you about £12 a month.

A typical 5% oil in 10ml costs £34.90. This works out as:
– 7p per mg and £42 per month

A typical 10% in 10ml oil costs £69.90 and works out as:
– 7p per mg and £42 per month

Going from a 5% to a 10% oil made no difference to cost at all. However, when the strength goes up further it drastically changes.

A 20% CBD oil in 10ml costing £119.99 works out as:
– 6p per mg and £36 per month

Then at 40% CBD in 10ml it costs £199.99. This cost comes to:
– 5p per mg and £30 per month

As you can see if makes a massive difference even taking small amounts of CBD. If you increase that amount to 80mg per day, you could make a saving of £48 a month. Over a four-month period you may have saved nearly enough to buy another 40% bottle. That’s the equivalent of getting 8 bottles of 5% oil for free.

Yes, I am Going to Buy a Strong Bottle, What Now?

Daniel, I understand that products containing broad-spectrum and full- spectrum extracts will be more effective due to the entourage effect. I know I should take small amounts regularly and slowly increase to get an idea of how much I need. But once I know I require a 20% oil how would I go about choosing one?

“Firstly, select a brand that is transparent in their practices and are clear about what their product contains. Check if they make lab results available so you can see how much CBD is in the bottle. Look to see if the cannabidiol is extracted from organic hemp using a high-quality method like CO2 extraction. Read customer reviews and speak to the store and ask them any questions you may have. If you are still need a little help to choose a strong CBD oil, we created a best of list over on for the Ageless. Your chosen store may have done the same so check for one, if not ask them outright what the most popular product is at your chosen strength.”

Overall there are lots of reasons to get a stronger CBD product; flavour, effects, because larger amounts work best, or to save money. Don’t be put off by the initial price tag of stronger oils, they may have real benefits for you too.