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Legal free files: Is it real?


Why is it dangerous?

Internet today is the storage of everything people want. Quite often, it is easy to forget that it also has the legal borders that we should not cross. But why is it wrong to break the rules and download a few movies and books that you love? When we download something that is not free, and yet we do not pay for it, we disregard the author’s right to receive a reward for their efforts. Another aspect lies in the question of danger. The unprotected materials that spread uncontrollably may have malware that can destroy your device eventually. Here, we gathered lots of options that are both legal and free.

Free materials for your use


Although people often think that the useful tools for their devices should be either bought or pirates, it is not true. You can find the best free antivirus of your choice almost anywhere – the majority of for-profit companies offer such options.

There are also a lot of operating systems that are entirely free from ReactOS and FreeDOS to FreeBSD and Haiku. If you need a text editor, such programs as Notepad, FocusWriter, or LibreOffice Writer can be great picks. Almost every popular paid program has another great, though lesser-known free alternative.

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Education can be costly, and people often spend a fortune on courses that they may not even attend or universities that may put them in the debt corner. We believe in education, for sure, especially the official one, but its price is not affordable for all. The majority of university programs are paid even online.

Still, there are a lot of lessons about different exciting topics on Coursera. Another excellent alternative is Khan Academy that provides lessons on the majority of disciplines, especially helping with those stubborn school topics that you’ve never understood. You can learn a language on Duolingo or Busuu. Or, if you’re into coding, you may check Codeacademy and Udacity.


The Internet is for entertainment, isn’t it? Unsurprisingly, the majority of illegal downloads and access cases emerge for this purpose. But there are many things you can access that are free. The most known resource is Project Gutenberg, which attempts to digitize all the materials that are in the public domain.

OpenLibrary is another option. Scribl now features the free audiobooks, mostly from self-published authors. You have an excellent opportunity to watch free documentaries on Documentary Heaven. Such options are only the beginning, however. Do not forget that many sellers of video games sometimes offer almost zero-price discounts and just great free games for you to try. If you need music, don’t forget about Youtube or 8tracks.


Health is a real issue these days. We strongly suggest not using only the Internet for medical purposes. But, if you need a quick relief before a meeting with a doctor, there are some free legal options. For example, Your Doctors Online offers a free trial consultation.

There are also telephone lines for advice, depending on your region of residence. For those having some psychological challenges, we may suggest 7 Cups of Tea, a website for free conversations with people who are trained to be great listeners. Bla Therapy also offers you to choose between a stranger and a paid therapist if you need someone to talk to.

Other useful resources

It’s hard to define different purposes for many things that are necessary parts of our lives, so we have a bonus column here. If you’re a person who often wants to use pictures for blogs, inspiration, reference, or any other goals, you’ll adore Stock Up, Pixabay, and Travel Coffee Book.

If you like medications or need something to reduce anxiety, Calm, reduce anxiety, and rainy mood, maybe your favorite choices. Such resources as Justin Guitar and Piano help to learn to play musical instruments. There are hundreds more, and you can find them quite easily online.

Concluding remarks

Some may illegally use specific programs or download files because they don’t know about the existing alternatives. We hope that our list is at least inspiring for you to try to find a lot of great free offers online without the need to violate any rule of law. By checking the legally free resources, you’ll also show that they are needed and appreciated.