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Persimmon apologises to home buyer after he finds used loo paper in loft of brand new £200k property

ONE of the UK’s biggest housebuilders is investigating a customer’s “disturbing” discovery of used toilet paper in his brand new property.

Cameron McKay moved in to his £200,000 Persimmon home in February this year and has suffered numerous snagging issues ever since.

But the 26-year-old could barely believe he eyes when he examined the eaves to investigate a leak and found the disgusting item among damp insulation material.

The software tester bought the property in Dewar Park, Gorebridge, Midlothian, and now fears an even nastier object could still be lurking in his loft.

Cameron posted to social media on Thursday: “So decided to check the house last night as everyone on my estate saying about leaks.

Cameron found the used toilet paper in the loft

“All good until I get into the eaves and find some lovely soaking wet insulation along with the usual empty crisp packets, chalk tubes etc.

“Then I stumble across a napkin that I lift up to throw in the bin with everything else until I realised it was actually used toilet paper! Yes, used with s*** on it!”

He added: “I still have two A4 sheets of paper worth of snagging that has never been done. Persimmon Homes have honestly got to be the worst company for ‘Customer Care.’ Get your money then just f*** off.

“Got through to customer care today who even with a complaint like that can’t come out for another two weeks.

“So using this to make people aware how s**** and disgusting Persimmons Homes are and hopefully get their act together.”

The photo shows the used toilet paper smeared with a brown substance lying on top of the insulation.

The photo has left many in the comments disgusted by what they have seen.

The discovery revolted social media users 

Chris Malcolm said: “That’s unbelievable like. Dirty b******. There’s probably a s*** hidden in that attic somewhere. We’ll play find the poo later on.”

Ryan Milne added: “Toilet paper with that on it is unbelievable mate.”

Paul Miller wrote: “Boak, dirty manky b*******.”

Lesley Orr said: “Yuck… you should try and get some compensation for shoddy workmanship!”

Andy Marshall said: “Pishsimmons strike again.”

Cameron today described the shocking discovery.

He said: “I really want to lift all the insulation just to check there is nothing else there.

“That’s the first time I’ve been in the eaves so it has to have been there since before I got the keys.

“I have it in a bag. Keeping it in case Persimmon were to say I was lying.

“It’s just disgusting. I’m not sure what else is in there under the insulation. Imagine if it was someone else living here, say a family and a kid had found that and picked it up.”

Cameron McKay

“I bought it for £200,000. There is numerous amounts of stuff still to be fixed from sink taps, to replacement windows, huge cracks on ceilings, different size door frames through the house! The list goes on and on.”

A spokeswoman for Persimmon Homes said: “We were very disturbed to hear of this and it is clearly totally unacceptable. We have spoken with Mr McKay and will be visiting him at his home to discuss his concerns and we apologise unreservedly to him.”

Persimmon have faced growing criticism over faults with new homes in the past year.

One couple found 700 faults with their new home. Nicola Bentley, 46, and husband Phil, 48, paid £280,000 for their four-bedroom property in Kippax, West Yorkshire.

The company were branded as the worst ‘Help-to-Buy’ builder in the UK following an investigation earlier this year.

Persimmon featured on an episode of Channel 4’s Dispatches in July over the amount of complaints they had received from customers.

It is reported Persimmons made a pre-tax profit of over £1bn last year.

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