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Backpacker’s guide to luggage storage at Waterloo station

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So, you’re planning a sightseeing vacation and have sorted everything out. And, obviously, you are going to carry your luggage as you are going to be traveling and won’t be staying in one hotel.

Yes, that is the scenario for most people when they go on vacation. But, now you can enjoy the locations rather than worry about your luggage.

No, you don’t have to travel in one set of clothes, all you have to do is find a luggage storage service. So the next time you make plans to go to Waterloo, opt to use luggage storage at Waterloo station

Now you might be asking, ‘Why do I need luggage storage?’ Well, for those who don’t know, Waterloo station has the most number of platforms than any terminal in London. Throngs of tourists make the situation stickier.

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So, tripping over suitcases or purchasing according to the weight (luggage included) you can carry is quite common in Waterloo. But, since Waterloo is so popular, with so many places to go to, it is obvious you need a safe place to store your luggage. 

With an on-demand luggage storage service, you can drop off your bags at a nearby location. The perks, well, they are just endless. To point out some:

  • You can easily pass through security lines. 
  • No need to show your luggage at any security line. 
  • Catch a subway without hitting people with your luggage. 
  • Go directly to attend your meeting without carrying your luggage. 
  • The most important point- Enjoy your trip without worrying about your luggage.

Yes, with Vertoe, you get safe luggage storage at more than 300+ locations for you to store your personal items. Be it for a short-term locker rental or hourly basis, Vertoe has you covered.

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In terms of luggage storage, Vertoe services are a quantum leap in their field. The rate is also great at just $5.95 per day. The deal gets better with the best insurance offer of $5,000. With this insurance in hand, you can leave your luggage with peace of mind. 

Vertoe’s unique and digitally coded tamper-proof seal makes it a safer and convenient alternative to any conventional locker storage. Vertoe is addressing one of the major issues tourists and travelers face. 

People who used to slug around with heavy luggage are now dropping them off at the nearest Vertoe location. Booking also takes barely 2 mins. In short, Vertoe is your one-stop solution for leaving your luggage behind and avoid the hassles of carrying them around. Now, with the launch of their iOS app, booking just got easier. 

No more worrying about where to stash your luggage when you arrive early in the city hours before your hotel check-in. Even if you have to check out of your hotel in the morning and your flight is at night, no problem, leave your luggage at any Vertoe service location. 

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Zverzia at English Wikipedia

When you come to Waterloo for a vacation or as a tourist, luggage storage is like a knight in shining armor; as you will have tons of places to visit. Restaurants, museums, the list is endless. But, going around with luggage can destroy all the fun. But, now with Vertoe, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

You have to download their app and open it. Choose a nearby vetted drop-off spot. Reserve your space and pay online instantly. Security ties are attached to your bag to prevent any tampering with the luggage by the pick-up person in front of you. The insurance is added in the fee, and once you pick-up your luggage safely, you are prompted to leave a review on the app. 

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Basically, it’s just three steps. 

Step 1- Book your request. Vertoe services will come to pick the luggage if you can’t drop it off at their location. A unique tamper-proof seal (provided free) is attached to the bags. 

Step 2- You take a photo of the unique code. This code enacts like a digital token when you want to get your luggage back. 

Step 3- On arrival, you show your unique code and collect your bags safely. 

See, it is as easy as 1-2-3! 


  • 300+ locations
  • $5.95 per day rent
  • $ 5,000 insurance in case of loss/damage
  • Online booking and online payment facility 
  • Pick-up service available 

With so many plus points I definitely enjoyed my trip and now it’s your time to enjoy your vacation and going to places near Waterloo without worrying about your luggage!

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