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MobileTrans, transferring content between smartphones is easy


Advances in technology are unprecedented and smartphones are an example of this. New models are presented daily and what is innovative tomorrow is outdated.

No matter how far removed from technology, the day of change arrives, and only then do we realize the information we have that we would like to preserve.

It is a puzzle to find a simple, practical and effective solution that allows us to move all content from an old smartphone to a new one. This is where MobileTrans comes in, which promises to mesmerize its operation and save the day.

Doing a search on the Internet, the most common is to find ways on how to transfer only contacts leaving out all the other essential content. These processes can be further complicated if we want to change platforms such as iOS to Android. A headache… but calm, there may be surprises.

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

After all, what does MobileTrans do?

Wondershare MobileTrans is designed for the same purpose – allowing users to effortlessly migrate to a new smartphone or tablet and transfer all the information. It can help you perform phone to phone transfer.

It is extremely easy to download:

    Text messages,
    Applications and
    One-click call logs

Safe, risk free and all original content downloaded and preserved in its entirety, at least during our testing. The truth is that it quickly became quite appealing software. But let’s take a look at this brief presentation.

Wondershare MobileTrans is a desktop application, available on both Windows and Mac. The program setup process is completed in minutes, and the entire installation process is a few clicks on the “Next” button, which causes make your interface very simple and easy to use.

Main menu

The main menu is very well organized and has the following options:

    Phone to phone transfer,
    Create or recover a backup
    Clear information stored on a device securely.

Please note that when connecting my smartphone to the PC for interaction with the Wondershare application, an app called “MobileGo” was installed on their smartphone. Personally I decline this kind of apps but from the tests performed on it I found no anomaly not even the Kaspersky for Android that I had installed was able to detect any anomaly.

However, the ability to download / import text / content depends solely on this application. However, I recommend that after using the program safely remove this same application.


The navigability within the program is very simple and intuitive. It is possible to switch input and output devices without any problem, via the “FLIP” button at the top of the tool window. You can and can choose which category of data to transfer – contacts, text messages, calendar or calendar annotations, call log, applications, photos, music and videos.

It is only possible to transfer all files and not partial ones, for example, it is not possible to transfer just a few photos, they will have to be all – in this case it can be seen as an asset or not, it all depends on the user.

How it works

In terms of procedures when it comes to simplicity it is simply that it is very easy, just connect both devices to the computer, wait for them to be identified by Wondershare MobileTrans and we are ready to start the data migration process.

MobileTrans transfers content quickly and effectively between Android, iOS, Nokia Symbian and WinPhone phones and is perfectly compatible with Apple, Samsung, Lumia, Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony, HuaWei, Motorola, ZTE, XiaoMi, BlackBerry , etc.

In transferring contacts, in addition to transferring the name and number, the program also transfers all additional information contained in that contact, such as email, address, etc., provided they are included.

Once both devices are connected and direct transfer between them is selected, the app will read the data on the old smartphone and list the data that is compatible with the new phone.

For example, if the transfer is to be performed from an iPhone to an Android, the application field will be grayed out as these transfers are not yet possible.

However, beyond this transfer capability, Wondershare MobileTrans allows you to back up data stored on smartphones, which is an obvious plus for those who like to always have a backup at hand.

WhatsApp backup and transfer: Another feature provided by MobileTrans

Need to do WhatsApp backup and transfer? It’s totally different than phone to phone transfer. The backup process itself is very simple, just connect the device to the computer, choose which categories you want to save and then just click the “START TRANSFER” button and from there the software takes care of the process.

If you wish, you can recover data from a saved backup for later transfer. And it is even possible to recover data stored in iCloud, iTunes accounts and other services. Data can be recovered completely or only partially.

Security smartphone cleaning

If after transferring data from your old smartphone or tablet to the new one, if you need to securely erase all data on the old model, Wondershare MobileTrans features an advanced data erasure algorithm that allows you to erase all that data as well as perform an erasure.


Transferring applications, contacts, media files and messages between smartphones is now much easier with Wondershare MobileTrans.

It is one of the few software that can move call logs and text messages from one device to another with complete success. The application, simple in base, is very easy to configure, with a very intuitive use.

Even on data transfers between Android and iPhone (and vice versa) there were no incidents. Its usefulness can hardly be disputed here, in my opinion, of course.