Friday, July 1, 2022
BusinessLidl launch new made in Scotland Pina Colada flavoured pale ale

Lidl launch new made in Scotland Pina Colada flavoured pale ale

LIDL have launched a brand-new  flavoured ale made exclusively for the retailer in Scotland.

The Dundee brewers 71 Brewing created the Large Hadron Collada, a Pina Colada pale ale, for the that is a mix of the craft beer and the ingredients used in a Pina Colada cocktail.

The hazy pale ale is made with pineapple,  tropical hops and a hint of coconut to make the unique flavoured beer.

Alongside the Pina Colada Pale Ale, Lidl will also stock a Luminous Lights New England style IPA from 71 Brewing – a rich beer, which packs a citrusy punch.

71 Brewing – Dundee, who are now in Lidl stores in Scotland © Stewart Attwood Photography 2019.

The listing comes following the success of 71 Brewing beers in Lidl’s Isle of Ale Festival in Scotland in 2018, followed by promotions across all the UK stores this year.

Proving a popular choice for customers across the country, Lidl has struck a deal to stock the two new and exclusive beers in its stores Scotland-wide.

The new beers will join Lidl’s line-up alongside an exclusive Double IPA from Broughton Ales and a number of seasonal additions including:

  • Fallen Brewing Chew Chew 

  • Williams Brothers March of the Penguin

  • Orkney Red MacGregor

  • Loch Lomond Silky Stout 

Paul McQuade, Head of Buying in Scotland, said: “Scotland has a hugely diverse craft beer offering and we are especially proud to be supporting 71 Brewing with their first retail listing. 

“At Lidl, we strive to provide customers with a quality range of locally-made beers. As Dundee’s only brewery, 71 is known for creating beers inspired by progressive new world flavours and we’re confident that our customers will enjoy these exclusive new beers that offer something different from the norm.”

Available at the Lidl’s 99 Scottish stores while stocks last, the new 440ml beers from 71 Brewing will be priced at just £1.79.

The full list of new beers available at Lidl is as follows:

  • Large Hadron Colada (Pina Colada Pale Ale) from 71 Brewing, 440ml, 5% ABV, £1.79

  • Luminous Lights (New England IPA) from 71 Brewing, 440ml, 5.2% ABV, £1.79

  • Double IPA from Broughton Ales, 330ml, 7.5% ABV, £1.49

  • Fallen Brewing Chew Chew (Salted Caramel Milk Stout), 330ml, 6% ABV,  £1.29

  • Williams Brothers March of the Penguin (Smooth Creamy Stout), 500ml, 4.9% ABV,  £1.49

  • Orkney Red MacGregor (Ruby Red Ale), 500ml, 4% ABV,  £1.49

  • Loch Lomond Silky Stout (Robust Oatmeal Stout), 440ml, 5% ABV, £1.79

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