Christmas presents go up in smoke after Hermes driver decides “bin full of hot ash is a safe place”


A HERMES customer claims her Christmas presents burst in to flames after a delivery driver dumped the package in a hot ash bin.

Courtney Ball from Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire, posted photos showing the £75 parcel ablaze after the thoughtless delivery.

The package contained her 3-year-old son’s Christmas presents from JD Sports which were completely destroyed.

To make matters worse, 21-year-old Courtney says she won’t be able to have the tracksuit and trainers redelivered in time for Christmas – meaning no presents for her little one.

The package oxidised and quickly caught fire

A furious Courtney took to social media to complain.

She shared the images with the caption: “Absolute joke I tell you! Who in the right frame of mine puts a parcel full of ash?

“Never mind my child’s Christmas present Well done to you Hermes. Very lucky we got back when we did!

“I’m now £75 short. And as being a single mum it took me a lot to get these for my boy.

“And now he won’t receive them for Christmas, nor will be getting a refund till the new year.”

Logan-James with mum Courtney

Her post sparked outrage on social media.

One person wrote: “Absolutely disgusting.”

Another added: “Omg – stupidity is obviously not a word they know.”

And one woman said: “Seriously are these drivers even human?”

Courtney, who said the ashes were from a log burner at her grandparents’ home, said today: “I agreed for it to be left in a safe place. My grandparents live in a big house on its own so plenty of safe places for it to be left.

The goods were ruined

“I got home to notice that the hot ash bin was smoking. I found the card to say where they had left parcel and of course they had decided to leave my parcel in a bin full of hot ash.”

She added: “My parcel was no starting to burn. As soon as parcel was taken out of the bin and got in to more oxygen it immediately set a light.

“I’m a single parent that doesn’t work at the moment so to us is a lot of money to lose.

“The only thing Hermes have said to me is that it is not their responsibility and is JD’s fault, but they did this and nobody else.

“So I’m absolutely fuming so I have no present and no money now because of them.”