Monday, August 15, 2022
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Baffled mum orders Playstation duvet for kid’s Christmas but gets box of cuttlefish though letter box

A BAFFLED mum has asked Amazon why they sent her nine cuttlefish for her son’s Christmas – when she ordered a Playstation duvet.

Katie Tarrant, from Watford, Herts, shared the bizarre image of the weirdly switched item to Amazon’s Facebook page.

She received her order on Saturday and was immediately surprised that her 1.2kg item weighed only about an eighth of that.

Inside, she was astonished to discover 150g of cuttlefish worth about £8 instead of the £17 child’s duvet.

The image shows  about nine chalk white cuttlefish carefully packed in a sealable plastic bag that came in a small cardboard box.

She received her order on Saturday and was immediately surprised that her 1.2kg item weighed only about an eighth of that.

Katie posted online: “So ordered my son a PlayStation double duvet set yesterday with Prime to be delivered today.

“What I actually had delivered was a bag of Cuttlefish.

“I’m sure my son will be thrilled with these wrapped up under the tree.

“Now to make things worse, what I originally ordered will be delivered in 2months. Appalling.”

Sarah Ward wrote under Katie’s post: “Tell them to send a delivery driver to pick the  cuttlefish fish up when you’ve received your refund.

“It doesn’t take Amazon five to seven working days to take your money. It shouldn’t take that long to refund it. Same day banking exists now. Tell them you’re adding on daily interest.”

Laura Pyper, tagging a friend who had suffered a less shocking swap, wrote: “Irene Gilmour you got away. Not so bad with your UHT milk instead of coffee.”

Katie was expecting a Playstation duvet when she received the Cuttlefish

Speaking today, Katie said: “I was amazed. I did think it strange that the driver was trying to post a double duvet through the letterbox.

“Once I opened it I fought it was a joke and was expecting the delivery driver to knock again with my correct parcel.

“Amazon was not that helpful. The duvet is now not available for two months and all they said is that I could have a refund but I have to send the cuttlefish back.

“It was £17 but I have now have to order it from somewhere else which is more expensive and pay for next day delivery and hope that it now turns up in time for Christmas. It is the most ridiculous thing ever.”

Earlier this month, Amazon launched an investigation after dozens of customers complained about receiving other items instead of a Nintendo Switch that they ordered on Black Friday.

Jake Lawrence, from Leicester received a tambourine and a microphone instead of the £300 game console.

The problem seems to have started in October with a Twitter user claiming they received condoms instead of the ordered item.

A spokeswoman for Amazon said: “We work very hard to deliver on our promise and customer satisfaction is our top priority. ‘If there is an issue, our customer service team will work with the customer directly to make things right.”

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