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Big Trends in Online Gambling 2020

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The speed at which the online gambling sector is developing is massive. So, what exactly do you expect to lead the game in 2020?

The major thing is that things have changed in the gambling industry due to the introduction of technology. People can now enjoy the games in the comfort of their homes and even stream the games live and interact with the croupiers and other players makes a whole lot of difference. But it has not come to an end. High tech is bringing in even more innovation in the sector, and this signals some trends that will take over in the sector in 2020.

The volume of people that enjoy casino games on mobile currently is 62%. This will increase in 2020 and it will mean that the casino apps that will be released to satisfy them will also increase. The live dealer casinos received increased patronage in 2019. The fact that they can be enjoyed on mobile and a feeling that is similar to that experienced in the land based casinos savored will increase the demand for this. Because of that, 2020 will see the following trends in online gambling.

AI in Casinos

One important innovation that live casinos will experience next year is the upgrade to multilingual platforms, and this will bring in more players. Apart from this, some other artificial intelligence strides will become rampant, and will give each player some personal experiences in gambling online. This will be experienced in activity analyses and identification of persons, and this makes the online casinos safer and more reliable. Gauging the behavior of players through artificial intelligence systems, better bonus will be developed by the owners.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality

The VR will also make huge differences in gambling in the coming year. This will include making direct individual interaction possible during live games. This is already experienced slightly in the Pokerstars VR that came from the creators of Pokertars in 2018, which could be enjoyed with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift series in the UK and across the globe. The level of engagement and the amount of realness of the online casinos – will be improved through VR in 2020. It is already possible for players at the poker table to see each other and pick out the bluffing one, and there are plans by Novomatic and Microgaming to come out with more of this.

The field also wants to get involved in online gambling in a deeper way. The Magic Leap AR is one sample of this. They are coming up with tolls and software that will cause more immersive engagement in games.

Blockchain in Online Gaming

Many gambling initiatives will use coins for fundraising according to reports. This will give new firms the room to compete with the more established ones, and players will like to get on such projects too. Many benefits will come to them when they buy tokens to gamble with. Cryptos can be their chosen currency and they can gain more when the value rises and they sell.

Many casino owners will prefer to use blockchain because of this. Customers can choose the cryptocurrency as their banking method, and this makes everything more transparent. The anonymous nature of the coins is an advantage to the players, as roulette and poker already has room for Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin payments. The slots will be the focus by 2020.

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Mobile Gambling

The predicted domination by mobile gambling is already happening. So, in 2020, we expect every casino to have a mobile version with full range of games. The study shows that 70% of gambling revenue in the coming year will be from mobile. The fact that people carry out a lot of functions with their mobile, from movies, to games to music is not disputable. Gambling will soon take over as they enjoy comfortable and easy gaming on mobiles.

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