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Christmas present ideas for family and friends


The holiday season is here! For some, this is the best time of the year. There are so many reasons for this – you spend time with your loved ones, there is so much to eat and drink, and most importantly, you get and give Christmas presents. Shopping for presents can be a bit tedious, especially if you are always clueless about what to buy. Here are some ideas to help make your life easier for you this season.


These are old fashioned but have proven to be one of the best Christmas presents ever. The beauty of hampers is that they do not limit you to one item, but you have a bit of everything in them. To add a personal touch, go the extra mile and customize your hamper to feature items the recipient likes.


This is a great idea for that sister who is a cosmetics/makeup collector or the one who never collects any. Either way, it is perfect. Brands nowadays realize how important it is to stay beautiful during the holiday season and have made it easy by launching holiday collections that come in fancy boxes. Order them online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.


Whether you want to buy them alone or add them to other presents, Christmas cards never go out of style. It is the best opportunity to truly express your gratitude to the recipient in your own words or borrowed words. It all depends on you. You can also send Christmas thank you cards to colleagues, employees, business partners, etc. Most of these cards can be found for bulk purchases on theworks for very affordable prices.

Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash


This is for people who are good with their hands and those that can try. There are a lot of things you can make for your family and friends as Christmas presents like paintings, a hand-knitted sweater or scarf, jewellery, clothing, etc. Presents like these are even more appreciated because of the thought, time and effort that goes into making them. If you are thinking along these lines, you ought to have started work already. If you haven’t, the time to start is now.


This category is closely related to hand-made presents because of the personal touch added. Some ideas here are writing the recipient’s name on the pack of chocolate bars or on a bottle of wine. You can also consider putting their face on a sweater, cushion or a pair of socks.

Christmas is a season of caring and sharing. If you would love to give but hate crowded stores for Christmas shopping, these ideas above are for you. Just a few clicks on your computer or phone, and some free time to work with your hands, and voila, you have them. Your good deeds will land you on Santa’s nice list, and you might be lucky enough to get something from him in return.