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“It tasted the same, but just took longer to eat!” – family discover a crisp 6.5cm long

AN ALDI shopper has told of her shock after discovering a giant crisp inside a pack of potato snacks.

Rachael Cornish from Norwich, Norfolk was gobsmacked when her daughter Taylor, 9,
came running in to show her the 6.5cm long crisp.

Taylor had discovered the jumbo snack inside a packet of Aldi’s Snackrite ready salted Hoops on Sunday.

The hoop was six times the size of a normal crisp

34-year-old Rachael had purchased the crisps as part of an 8 pack costing 99p at her local store.

Pictures show the oversized snack compared to a normal “hoop”, with Taylor’s find measuring more than six times that of the regular crisp.

Another shows how Rachael has meticulously measured the length of the hoop with a tape measure.

A delighted Rachael took to Facebook to share her daughter’s discovery.

The snack was a whopping 6.5cm


She posted the images with the caption: “The size of this hoop crisp Aldi, 6.5cm” with smiling emojis.

Her post sparked amusement among friends.

Rob Leighan wrote: “Lol.”

And Laura Marie asked: “Did you eat it lol?”

Rachael then confirmed in the comments that the snack was happily munched by Taylor.

Speaking today, she said: “It was actually my daughter who found it in the packet, but I thought, ‘oh my god look at the size of that hula hoop’.

“She said it tasted the same, but just took longer to eat!”

However, not the first time Aldi’s Hoops have made headlines.

In 2017, it was reported that dozens of shoppers had found packets of original Hula Hoops inside their Aldi multi packs.

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