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MT4 white label solution: Simple and Customized way to enhance Forex Trading

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MT4 white label solution is one of the most important trading platforms for any forex trader.

If you are looking forward to trading in the forex full time, it is a very sensible investment to make. It comes along with the best GUI, easy applicability and ease of handling. Making your trading easier, MT4 white label solution aims at providing you the best value at the lowest price.

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In this article, we shall discover some of the important terms related to the platform. We will also study a bit about a few procedures in the platform for making your trading easier.

Terms related to MT4 white label solution

One of the key terms that you can associate with the MT 4 platform is branding. If you are looking for a white label solution, you can get the best brand in your ambit. Your trading platform comes along with excellent customization, that you can give to your users.

Multi account terminals, a term which is the forte of the MT4 white label solution allows you to trade across multiple trading platforms. Making your trading simpler and enhanced, you can keep a track of multiple accounts in the forex trading. With the excellent collection of indicators, the trading gets supplemented if this platform is used.

The customization allows certain important tools that can be used to empower your trading
experience. The cost of the product is a value for money, thus making you start your brokerage firm at an ease. A large number of trading indicators, excellent trading platform, and the wonderful copy-trading facility is what makes MT4 white label solution one of the best trading platforms in the industry.

Placing an order on the MT4 Platform

In the watchlist that is the present in the left pane, you can select any instrument by double-clicking it.

Once the instrument gets selected, the order dialog box is opened wherein the volume and stop-loss are mentioned. You can select the other pair of currencies also. While ordering keeps a check on the bid and asks price, then you can either buy by the market or sell by market.

You can also click on the chart and see the following options for the placing order:

  • Click on trading in the dropdown menu
  • If you are looking to buy, select the buy limit
  • If you are looking to short the market, select the sell limit.
  • You can also select for the alert option to alert you when the price reaches the level.

Selling order on the MT4 Platform

You can close the order on the MT4 Platform in the easiest manner. You just need to right-click on the charts and select on the Close Order option. A new window appears, where you will get the option to close the order at the given price. Making the trade simpler is why you must switch over to MT4 white label solution.

Being a forex trader, we would suggest you look forward to having a wonderful forex trading experience over the MT4 platform. Choose the right platform, have the best performance!

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