Mum rages at Amazon “animal” who left daughter’s Christmas present in bin full of vomit and rotten food


AN AMAZON customer has blasted the retailer after one of their drivers dumped her package into a bin containing five-day-old vomit.

Toni Ennever’s daughter, five, was sick in the bin on New Year’s Day which had to sit outside while the family waited for their already full main rubbish bin to be collected.

But things went from bad to worse when Toni’s £24.99 Amazon Echo Dot – her daughter’s belated Christmas present – arrived Monday.

The delivery driver decided a “safe place” to leave the package was the bin full of sick as well as rotten food and old McDonald’s packaging.

Toni, from Exmouth, Devon, was incensed when she found the horribly fouled package and took straight to social media to complain.

Posting pictures as evidence, she wrote: “On New Year’s Day my daughter, 5, threw up in this bin.

The Echo dot was covered in sick

“Our main waste is collected 3 weekly but as my main bin was full from Xmas and the collection was late I have been unable to put this bag in the main bin.”

She added: “So it’s sat outside my door until today when the main bin was emptied. Lo and behold I open the lid and your delivery driver has left the replacement Alexa dot you sent, as the original was broken in a bin full of rotten food, and child’s vomit.

“Now you’re telling me unless I take it out and return it I won’t get it replaced and no one will collect it!

“I’m not surprised no one wants it, you’ve left it in vomit.

“But it’s okay I’ll leave it there and I’ve cancelled ALL my accounts “prime, music, audible etc.

“Think twice before you use Amazon, their delivery drivers are disgusting animals.”

To make matters worse, Toni says she spent hours on the phone trying to get help from Amazon who say she will have to pay to return the item.

She posted a picture of her call history, saying: “All these calls are to do with the one item. The dot has never worked.

“So I’m sending it back at my own expense tomorrow. This in the bin was the replacement.

“No one will collect it as it needs a returns label, but to be honest who do you think will collect it from the bin?

The parcel contained her daughter’s Christmas present

“I was told if I didn’t take it from the bin and return it I’d be charged for the item, I mean that’s messed up.

“All I ever asked was for the guy to remove it from the bin and give me one that’s not been in the bin.

“This was my 5 year old’s Xmas pressie, her brother had one now I have to tell her she won’t be getting it replaced and why.”

Speaking today, Toni said: “My cousin was in my house all day they didn’t ring the bell or knock, they just put it in my bin.

“I got home to discover my main bin had finally been emptied. I went to take the bag out of the bin so I could bleach it and I discovered the package on all the rotten food, eggs and vomit.

“I’m p***** off. What kind of animal puts a parcel in a bin clearly full of food and vomit?

“I have an idea, they want it back so I’m tempted to wrap the whole bag in cling film and a black bin bag and send it back with all the rubbish.

“I’m very angry, I spend a lot on Amazon and now I’ve cancelled the lot.”