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Scots chef spends 17 hours “and £3k” filling blow-up spa pool in his living room

HILARIOUS video shows a Scot taking 17 hours to set up a blow-up spa pool – in his living room.

Derek Snedden spent the whole of New Year’s Day – plus a small fortune in electricity – filling the spa, only to empty the thing out of his front window the following morning.

The chef, from Dunbeg, near Oban, Argyll and Bute, struggled to follow the instructions that came with the £450 Lay-Z spa.

The 50-year-old has a large back garden, where most people would put their spa, but decided the living room would be cosier.

Video of the fiasco was then shared on Facebook and Instagram by his son, 26-year-old Ryan Snedden.

Ryan, who works as a bartender, captioned his Facebook post: “JACUZZI IN THE LIVING ROOM!

“If there’s anything you do today with a spare 4 minutes. Watch this video of my old man Derek Snedden taking 17 hours to put a jacuzzi up in his f****** living room.

“Gets mega good about three minutes in. Get the sound on.”

In the video, Derek shows his elaborate set up in which he is filling the spa, which was a gift from a friend. A garden hose can be seen running from his bathroom and into the living room.

Before unveiling the spa, Derek can be heard saying: “I know what you are saying to yourself: ‘Why would you have a Jacuzzi outside’?”

The camera then pans to a massive rubber spa in the corner of the room as Derek screams: “When you can have it in the living room! Oh yeah! The excitement is real.”

The next clip cuts to Derek standing above the spa, he turns to the camera and says: “Okay, it is full. It is f****** Baltic so we aren’t getting in it now.”

He then points to the heating unit attached to the spa and says: “The heater is on, we are now about to try the bubbles. The excitement is truly off the hook, are you ready? You only thought it was a paddling pool.

Derek, from Dalkeith, Midlothian, spent the whole of New Year’s Day inflating, filling and heating up the £450 Lay-Z spa.

Derek then counts down from three before shouting: “Bubbles!”

The spa bursts to life creating hundreds of bubbles much to his enjoyment.

He looks at the camera and proudly says: “Check that b******!”

The video then cuts back to Derek who can be seen looking rather unhappy.

He says to the camera: “Update about the Lay-Z spa. We never took these off, that’s why its not heating up.”

The camera pans to two rubber covers which had stopped the spa from heating up much to Derek’s dismay.

He then continues: “So by the looks of it it should be hot lunch time tomorrow. The excitement is dying.”

The excitement clearly gets the better of Derek as he is then pictured fully clothed in waterproof clothing entering the spa.

He then turns to the camera and admits: “This is freezing! F****** baltic!”

He then says: “It is alright like, got to shout a bit though. It is f****** freezing.”

The video then cuts to the next day, Derek can be seen standing in front of the rubber spa as he proudly says: “The Lay-Z spa is still running. 18 hours later, we have cracked it! It’s only taken 18 hours and three grand in electricity but we are there. Watch this!

Derek then says: “Hit it babe!”

Club Tropicana by Wham! Can be heard playing as Derek takes off his t shirt and puts a fedora on. He then turns the spa on and jumps into the water, exclaiming: “F*******! It is roasting!”

He then kicks back and wraps his arms around the sides saying: “We are in the jacuzzi! Oh yeah, love it! Happy New Year!”

Ryan then added another video taken some time after the last video.

Derek can be seen bailing water from the spa out the living room window.

The video has been well received by Facebook users, who have found the video hilarious.

Joe Cobbe said: “That is f****** incredible.”

Sarah Deane also said: “Tell him to fill from hot tap next time then he can jump straight in.”

Giannis Sourmenidis commented: “Hahahha what a legendddddd.”

HILARIOUS video shows a Scot taking 17 hours to set up a blow-up spa pool – in his living room.

Bob Barton posted: “He’s f****** nuts. But that is just too funny. Wonder how long it’ll take him to empty it now without ruining his living room.”

Derek then commented saying: “18 hours to get started, two to take down!!!”

Speaking today, Derek said: “Filling the f***** was a nightmare, being the 1st of January in Oban, the water was f****** baltic, and I do mean baltic!!!

“After filling it we went on to heating it. After two hours I noticed that where the water comes and goes back into the pump there was two outlets, which had covers on them!

“We then checked Google and it told us it will take at least twelve hours to heat. Gutted.

“Anyway I went to bed, by now it’s 3:00AM, we had been at it since 4:30AM the previous day.

“We got up around ten, went down, and it was like Santa had been, the living room was like a spa, all the windows were steamed up! It was ace!”

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