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A guide on choosing and buying the right backpack


A backpack is one of the important things to pick before planning your trip. The size of the travel backpack depends on the weight you want to carry around. If it is overweight then it will not get on an airplane.

If the bag is small then you will not able to keep all of your stuff with you. That is why; choosing the right bag is important. The weather conditions of the place are also a factor for choosing the material.

Last year, I bought a Herschel Backpack for my trip to Malaysia. It takes a lot of time for me to choose the right one for my trip. Because there were lots of options that make it the choice very confusing.

There is a science behind choosing the right travel backpack. I remember spending weeks on picking out my first travel backpack. I spent hours doing internet research to find which is the best material and what should it look like.

Photo by Michael Smith on Unsplash

After a week, I finally bought my first bag that lasted 5 years. It lasted only 5 years because an airline lost it otherwise, it would still be around today.

Anyway, the problem is how to find the best backpack in the world and where to purchase one. In this guide, I will teach you how you can find the best travel backpack for your trip. To avoid hours of online research, I will show you the qualities that a travel backpack should have and which brands are best.

Things to Look for In A Good Travel Backpack

The best backpack is the one that stays longer in good condition no matter how you use it. Some characteristics make it long-lasting, durable and protect from the rain. You should checklist the following things before getting a backpack:

Lockable Zippers

Every good backpack has many compartments. Each compartment should have two zippers so you can lock them. Well, it does not mean that anyone can try to break into your bag and steal your clothes. It is necessary to lock it while you are traveling.

There is also a chance that someone puts a grabby thing into your bag or maybe some handler at the airport can take your stuff. In my case, I always carry a DSLR or Go Pro with me to shoot videos and pictures.

The cameras worth more than my backpack. So, it is important for the security of the equipment that I carry. I will recommend you to buy TSA-friendly locks from the market. These locks have a special release valve so TSA can open the lock without breaking it.

But if your backpack does not have two zippers then you can get PacSafe. It covers your whole bag and tied to a large object. It makes sure that no one can break into your things. I recommend it as it is a great form of protection for it.

It can come handy in places where you are going to leave your bag untouched for a long time. Another thing to keep in mind that this thing adds a lot of weight. If you are going to carry expensive equipment then it is the best choice. But if your bag only has dirty clothes then a TSA-friendly lock is enough.

Water-Resistant Material

It is not important to have a 100% waterproof bag. Instead, choose a semi-waterproof material. Moreover, many travel backpacks come with traps that you can put over your backpack in case of rain.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the material should not stay wet for too long. The material should be semi-waterproof and lightweight. One of the materials that I recommend is nylon fiber.

It is a really good material and if you drop a glass of water over the backpack. The stuff inside your bag will not get wet. You can simply avoid traveling during monsoons, but if you are traveling to a place where rain can start anytime. There is nothing you can do!

Multiple Compartments

A backpack with multiple compartments is the best choice. Multiple compartments allow you easy access to your belongings. My bag has multiple compartments so I put my clothes in larger ones and other things such as my umbrella and camera at the top. In this way; you can put everything separately so you do not need to dig around your bag.

Padded Hip Belt

Padded hip belt help make the weight more comfortable. Most of the weight you carry pushed down on your hips. The belt provides support and distribute the weight evenly and reduces strain. Also, make sure that the belt is adjustable.

Shoulder Straps

Almost every backpack has padded shoulder straps that make it easy for you to carry the weight. The shoulder straps push weight down on your shoulder. That is why; you should make share that the pads are comfortable. Moreover, the pads should be thick and made of single material.

Internal Frame

All the good backpacks have an internal frame. The internal frame means the support rods that should be hidden from view. Some of the backpacks still have an external-frame like the old 1970s movies. So, make sure to buy a bag with an internal frame. Another reason is that these internal support rods are lighter that makes it easy for you to move around.

Padded Back

Carrying your backpack around can build up a sweat. So, buy one that has padded back. It keeps you comfortable and also keeps some space between your back and bag. This extra space will allow the air to move through.

Front Loading

The front-loading backpack is really handy when you want to access your stuff. It allows you to open the face from the side. It makes things easier as you can easily get your stuff. While traveling if you want to access your camera for recording, then you do not need to put down your backpack to access it.