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BusinessAppy Pie introduces online photo editor with unique

Appy Pie introduces online photo editor with unique

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Photo editing can be defined as modifying the images to add more value to them. These images include illustrations, prints, digital photographs, posters, banners or photographs on film. Photo editing is sometimes used to trick people and that is why it is also called photo manipulation.

Photo editing tools are used to make completely new images or to edit the existing ones. They are not only used to crop or touch up the photos but also to organize them into slide shows or photo albums.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. A perfectly edited image can deliver the brand’s desired message in the intended manner with great ease so that it sticks the right way in the audience’s minds.

You can partially win the battle of average photography skills by editing the images well. Wrinkles, blips, blurs, shadows, and even colors can be reworked so realistically that an objective image viewer would be none the wiser.

Photo by Le Buzz on Unsplash

With the right combination of colors and the correct use of editing elements, bad photos can be salvaged, and bad photography can be transformed into brilliant results.

When it comes to creating the perfect color palette for editing purposes, the color wheel is the most effective tool that you can use. The color wheel allows you to select different colors and mix them to create your desired color combination. By using an effective photo editing tool, you can make magic happen with some swipes of the tablet or a few clicks of the mouse.

Essential Editing Elements

Making the correct use of editing elements is essential for an image to look good. Let us talk about these elements to know how you can get the most out of them:


  • Cropping: Cropping helps you frame your image and adjust its composition. Using this element, you can get rid of any unsightly building or the annoying photo-bomber in the corner of your shot. Cropping eliminates those pests in the far regions of the initial image.
  • Color Balance: The advanced editing tools available online provide many options for color correction, but the most effective way that you can use is balancing the spectrum of colors in your image which is unique to each photo. The level adjustment function in the editing software allows you to stretch the spectrum to darken, brighten, or saturate the colors.
  • White Balance: White balance is the function of color correction that particularly targets whites. A photo that is not correctly white-balanced looks too ‘yellow’ or too ‘blue’. Multiple efficient online editing tools have this inbuilt function and help you easily adjust the white balance with a single click. Balancing white can do wonders and make a huge difference to the tone of images.
  • Sharpening: Sharpening brings out slight details in the image, and makes the out-of-focus elements look more focused. The need of this function depends upon the resolution and the editing requirement of the image.

It can do wonders to some images, but for others, this effect can come up with an unwanted graininess or distortion. For example, some blurry images are non-editable with digital image sharpening, and minimal sharpening is suggested for the best results.


The regular online computer or camera photo editors offer certain basic image enhancement features. These features include correcting brightness imbalances, sharpness adjustments, red-eye removal, automatic cropping, etc.

Appy Pie offers an online photo editing tool that comes with various advanced techniques. The tool contains some additional effective features that make it different from other photo editing tools that are available online. 

Features of Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor

Now that you know what elements are essential for a photo editing tool, let us find out the brilliant features that you get in Appy Pie’s online photo editor

  • Image cropping: Appy Pie’s online photo editor allows you to crop the image to any height and width you want. It also gives you the ability to rotate an image from a vertical format to a horizontal one, and vice versa.
  • Add text to photos: Appy Pie’s online photo editing tool allows you to add text to the image. Although images are worth thousands of words but adding text adds more value to them.
  • Photo enhancer: Appy Pie’s photo editing tool helps users in adjusting the image composition by balancing its brightness, saturation, and contrast.
  • Photo sharpener: Appy Pie’s online photo editor offers a sharpening feature for the image editing. Users can even blur certain parts of the image as per their requirements.
  • Add graphics: Another additional feature that Appy Pie’s online photo editor offers is adding graphics to the images. This feature can specifically be used to create or edit banners, posters and other large size images. 

Appy Pie’s online photo editing software helps users enhance and manipulate digital images. You can use this tool to add more value to your images and take them to the next level. 

Why Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor?

Appy Pie’s photo editor is a free online tool for all kinds of users (with varying proficiency levels) who want to edit or beautify their images. Appy Pie’s photo editing tool makes your images look attractive and more meaningful.

It comes with a range of effective features including different crop factors, glare corrections, color changes, etc., that you can use to make your images more expressive.

If an image is raw and doesn’t express the initial message, it is of no use and needs to be edited. You can use Appy Pie’s online photo editor to make the right changes to this image. Appy Pie’s online photo editing tool gives editors the ability to alter a photo, to be rotated to any degree and in any direction, to create mirror images that can be horizontally or vertically flipped. Using this tool users can crop the rotated images, to remove the extra gaps at the image edges.

Any tricks beyond this are rarely used for basic photo editing. Tools to stamp, blend and selectively modify certain parts of your images will need you to dip your toes into more enhanced and complex photo editing. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor also helps you learn more about these advanced techniques.

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