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News"Spoons Girl" visits Scotland and praises "absolutely beautiful" Glasgow pub

“Spoons Girl” visits Scotland and praises “absolutely beautiful” Glasgow pub

AN AMERICAN tourist who went viral after “discovering” Wetherspoons has tried the chain north of the border and reckons Scotland may just have the edge.

“Spoons Girl” Mallory Bartow caused a storm on social media after bringing her US perspective to a Wetherspoons in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Mallory, from Alexandria, Louisiana, popped in to Glasgow’s The Counting House on Wednesday [8 Jan] in search of a Scottish breakfast and pronounced the place “absolutely beautiful”.

In the clip, Mallory, 23, can be seen walking down Glasgow’s Argyle street expressing her delight at returning to “Spoons”.

She says: “So a few days ago I posted a TikTok about me going to spoons and being really excited.

“Guess what? I’m going back.”

The camera then cuts to Mallory stood on George Square where she announces: “Except this time I’m in Scotland.”

Despite the initial heartbreak of being unable to order a meaty Scottish breakfast, vegetarian Mallory’s experience is saved by The Counting House’s impressive architecture.

As she films the gastro pub’s ceilings, she can be heard saying: “Okay look how pretty this place is, what the heck?”

Once her food arrives, Mallory remarks again at the £11 price tag before tucking in to her veggie breakfast and hot drink.

Mallory was blown away by The Counting House’s ceilings

She says: “And somebody said I need to put cheese on top of the beans on toast. So we’re going to try it out.”

She then sprinkles the cheese on top adding: “I hope I’m doing this right” before taking a big bite.

Satisfied, Mallory then asks: “Okay but where are the bathrooms?” as she makes her way through Wetherspoon’s notoriously maze-like layout.

Growing increasingly frantic, she asks again: “Okay seriously, where is the bathroom?” as the clip ends.

Mallory’s Scottish adventure came to light after her video was shared on Twitter by user Sophia Smith Galer.

She posted Mallory’s clip with the caption: “Update: Spoons Girl went to another Spoons, this time put cheese on the beans on the toast, then couldn’t find the toilets.”

She tucked into a delicious veggie breakfast

Mallory’s video has delighted social media users who have viewed the clip more than 66,000 times.

David Kifford wrote: “The innocence in expecting a Scottish breakfast to be veggie.”

Ev Campbell added: “To be fair the bogs in the counting house are underground and across the street.

Michael Dempster said: “Cheese & beans on toast = a Glesga pizza.”

And Joshua Ralph teased: “Only an American would go to Wetherspoons twice and not buy an alcoholic drink either time.”

Speaking today, Mallory said: “I wanted to try the Scottish breakfast, but unfortunately it wasn’t veggie so I got the vegetarian breakfast – which is the same thing I got last time.

“I was only lost looking for the toilets for a minute or so but after three doors and a flight of stairs I found them.

“In my personal experience nothing changed between the English and Scottish spoons, however, The Counting House had absolutely beautiful ceilings.

“I first learned about Wetherspoons in Brighton, before I made the video in Sheffield.

“I found it a huge bang for your buck! I found it delicious and hardy, keeping me full for hours for barely any cost.”

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