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Top 5 Chrome extensions for writers


The chrome extension writing is the least expensive method of earning profits through your websites or affiliate program without spending a fortune in the process.

But if you have been writing and submitting articles to article directories you would buy now know how the keyword is looking for and the time to consume it.

With the advancement in technology in today’s world, there is a very effective software to write articles as well as to submit them to lots of article directories in one click.

During the internet marketing business and the research options, the article should be neat and easily understood by all the clients.

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  • Grammarly:


 You can find many grammar checking tools online that help to write English at the same time the grammar checking tools efficiently correct texts in a fast manner.

The grammar checker corrects the text context of complete sentences, most of the advanced grammar checker tools also available online that uses patent-pending technology so it was effectively correct grammar mistakes, misused words, and spelling mistakes automatically.

It is the most effective tool that clears unmatched accuracy. The Grammarly review online improves your text. 

Now you can easily experience ultimate comfort by using the most expansive and helpful online grammar checker. You can easily check your text with a single click.

The grammar check is also supported to improve your English writing skills because you can learn from your grammar mistakes.

With the help of the grammar check, anyone can write without making any silly grammar mistakes and punctuation mistakes.


  • Quick Pro Writer


It will help you to write unique content of your topic efficiently check with Grammarly premium free . You will see your site in the top ranks very soon. It is user-friendly and creates articles instantly.


  • Evernote:


 The experienced writers are must-have extensions. They help articles get done very fast. Evernote is very important and gets them lots of details.

You can find out the best parts of online articles that got your simply highlighting the page. They provide the best things to use and save information on your electronic devices.


  • Ad Block:


 Ad Block is one of the very important extensions on Google Chrome. Huge writers are want to possible for the cut distraction from ads and pop up over the internet.

Mainly focus on also protects from many adware lurking your computer and steal of your perfect information.


  • Google Similar Pages:


 It is a must-have tool and lots of research to discuss the fastest way of everything in one place. It is user-friendly and has no technical skills needed.

It provides great thesaurus and ideas for chrome extension. You can see the word count and preview of your article could be seen. Later, the finished article will be saved as a notepad or word document.

You will desire the web pages and the extension list of similar to talk about some topics. Moreover, you will need inspiration or information are trying to write your article.