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What you need to know about Bingo


The bingo game has a special place in the hearts of many people. We have grown up with the bingo charts being distributed to the sports club, the assembly hall and to festive events and have been eagerly waiting for the eager caller to mention exactly our numbers so that we could stretch the patch and shout “BINGO” throughout the room with a big smile on his lips.

Today, however, bingo is no longer only reserved for bingo halls and local associations. 

The new era has given bingo a much needed boost, and the game has cooled off in record time, so a new generation of game birds has also caught on to how fun the otherwise simple game can be. Here we will introduce you to everything you need to know about the game.

A game for everyone

Bingo is a game that in many ways ties in with our spirit and culture. Although we may have a sense of ownership over the game here at home, it originally stems from a completely different place and a completely different time.

Donald Trung Quoc Don – Wikimedia Commons

Bingo can be traced as far back as 1530, when it first saw the light of an Italian lottery called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’italia”. Since then, the French also adopted the game as “Le Lotto” in the 18th century, just as the Germans in the 19th century began to use it in the teaching of the schools.

However, it was only when European immigrants took the bingo game across the Atlantic when they sought happiness in the United States that the game reached its present form. Here, businessman Edwin S. Lowe transformed the game into a definite toy that could be sold in stores.

The rest is history and today we can find various fun bingo games online. And for good reason. Bingo is an incredibly embracing game for anyone to join – big or small, tanned as a beginner. This is exactly what has helped to strengthen and maintain popularity over the years, as it is a game that everyone can gather and enjoy.

How to play

As I said, bingo is a tremendously simple game, and so it doesn’t require a lot of practice before you can throw yourself into it. However, there are quite a few rules you need to know first.

Before starting the game, select the number of bingo cards you want to play with. Here you should be aware that you must be able to keep up with the caller’s pace.

If you are a beginner, you may need to start with a few plates, otherwise you may lose sight of the lightning fast. The price of a playing board can vary greatly online.

Then the game can start. Now randomly selected numbers are called up individually. If any of your numbers are extracted, dip it on the bingo board.

Online there is the possibility that your computer will automatically do it for you so you never miss a number. You can also choose to do it manually if you think it is more fun and authentic.

Most often it is about getting 1 row full, then 2 rows and finally the plate full. However, it may vary from provider to provider. If you are the first to get a row or full plate, you have bingo, and then you can call yourself the game’s lord or lady.

Now that the bingo game is no longer in its fixed iron grip, you can win extremely good cash winnings at the various online casinos. A good tip might be to go after many players, as the prize pool often increases, depending on how many players are playing.

Of course, this also makes it harder to win, as there are several to be fought. However, as with most casino games, it is important to bet big if you want to win big. Several of the online venues also operate with lucrative jackpots on their bingo games, several of which are progressive, so the amount just goes up and down until some win and take home the gold.

Undoubtedly this opportunity to win cold cash has helped boost the game and once again made it popular with the younger audience as well.