Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsBizarre moment woman loses her eyelashes after hitting herself in the face...

Bizarre moment woman loses her eyelashes after hitting herself in the face with sex toy

A CLUB-goer has revealed how she lost a her eyelashes after hitting herself in the face with a sex toy on a night out.

Tegan Denham, from Ferryhill, County Durham, was on a night out in Newcastle on Saturday when she sustained the bizarre injury.

Footage shows Tegan, 19, dancing at the Bongos Bingo event while waving around the pink sex toy.

As she energetically swings it around however, one end pings backwards into her face ripping out her eyelashes in the process.

Tegan can then be seen clutching her eye as she doubles over laughing, before handing the toy back to a friend.

Despite her clear amusement, in a follow up video Tegan revealed the aftermath of the incident – which saw her lose the upper layer of eyelashes on her left eye.

A tickled Tegan took to social media to share the events online.

She posted the video of her damaged eyelashes with the caption: “You actually couldn’t write my life.

“Tonight I went to Bongos Bingo and got hit in the face with a double ended dildo and it took a full lashes work of extensions off. What. The. Heck.”

Her post, which has clocked up more than 28,000 likes online, has had social media users in stitches.

Tegan was left with a black eye

Karis Morton wrote: “This is possibly one of the funniest tweets I’ve ever seen.”

Perrie Athey added: “Omg Tegan I am howling.”

Tegan later confirmed in the comments she had been left with a “bald” black eye.

Speaking today, she explained that people sitting at the same table as them won the sex toy.

“This was then being swung around in the air and hit me in the eye ripping a full eyes worth of extensions off leaving just a few on each corner.

“It was painful. My lash lady has somehow saved the day and fixed it for me though.”

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