Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Hilarious moment student tells off his pet dog after it devours a packet of cigarettes

A DOG lover has posted a hilarious video of him telling off his shamefaced pet after the pooch ate an entire packet of cigarettes.

24-year-old Dan Sawers, from Glasgow, was raging after discovering his boxer, 6-month-old Arnie, had wolfed down £9.24-worth of cigarettes, leaving behind the shredded packet as evidence.

Dan uploaded the clip to social media three days ago with the caption: “A  f****** hate you but I actually love you sm.”

The short clip begins with Dan filming the remains of his Sterling Dual packet.

Dan, who is studying interior design at Glasgow School of Art, focuses on Arnie, who is sitting very still on the couch.

He demands: “Who done that?”

Arnie remains impassive as Dan asks: “Was this you? 20 f****** snout, mate.

“You bad? Bad dog.”

He then puts the packet of cigarettes closer to his Arnie’s face but the hilarious expression remains the same.

Dan put a caption on his clip which read: “C*** clearly doesn’t give a f***.”

@beccs_ wrote under Dan’s post: “Boxers’ facial expressions cannot be beaten. They rule and you know it.”

@larnluv added: “Twenty f****** snout, mate. Ah I am screaming.”

Arnie was unbothered by Dan’s stern words

@JThomasRichard1 said: “Dog is playing you like a fiddle, nobody could stay angry at a face like that.”

Forsyth696 wrote: “He loves you. He’s telling you to pack in the fags.”

@RyanPGlasgow commented: His face looking at you like he doesn’t give a f***.”

Speaking today, Dan said: “I got out of bed after a night shift, went downstairs and literally couldn’t find my cigarettes anywhere.

“I then finally found a trail of tobacco that led me to his cage where I found them chewed to bits. He scranned half the packet!”

Thankfully Arnie was totally fine despite eating a packet of cigarettes.

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