Moment postie snaps as he becomes latest victim of “bullying” Postman Pat challenge


VIDEO shows a postie snap after becoming the latest target of a viral video craze which has been branded “bullying” by some social media users.

Lads in a car are seen driving alongside a postie on his rounds as they play the children’s song Postman Pat.

The postie glares at his tormentors before appearing to lose his temper and make towards them. The youngsters then drive off, laughing raucously.

The clip was filmed as part of a new Postman Pat challenge which has left other posties raging.

Tokeer Khan posted the video on Facebook showing the vehicle slowly driving alongside the postie while playing the theme tune to the hit children’s show.

The unimpressed postman, thought to be on his rounds in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, can be seen glancing back and forward to the vehicle before stopping in his tracks when the tune really kicks in.

The driver appears to turn the volume up as the lyrics “Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat” starts playing.

Wearing his sunglasses and full Royal Mail gear, the employee glares at the car which has completely stopped while the tune blasts out the vehicle.

The driver can be seen bopping his head to the tune as he bursts out laughing with a car full of passengers.

The postman begins to walk to a house to deliver their mail before furiously spinning around and charging towards the vehicle and the pranksters.

He then appears to try and charge towards the men before they speed off away from him.

As the car drives off, the furious postman can be seen still standing at the side of the road staring at the vehicle as it drives off.

The postman stops and stares at the car before storming towards the vehicle, prompting a quick getaway and gales of laughter.

Most viewers appeared to find the clip hilarious, suggesting the postie lacked a sense or humour or that he hated his job.

But Katleen Carey asked: “Why you laugh, he’s got a job. You fools sitting in the car playing a song. Get a life.”

Social media users have been taking to Facebook and video upload site, TikTok to share their “Postman Pat Challenge” clips.

Some posties are shown smiling and dancing along to the theme tune.

Some Facebook users where not impressed by the video.

However, one other clip shows a fed-up postman from Teeside giving cameramen two middle fingers when he notices them blasting out the tune.

Other videos showing the challenge have attracting comments such as “Poor man tryna (sic) just do his job.” and “This is classed as bullying”.

Postman Pat hit the television screens back in 1981 and follows the adventures of Pat Clifton, a postman in the fictional village of Greendale.

The show is aimed at pre-school aged children.