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NewsMiddle-aged mum dubbed "Rocky" after fighting off shop raiders twice in two...

Middle-aged mum dubbed “Rocky” after fighting off shop raiders twice in two months

A MIDDLE-aged mum-of-two has been dubbed “Rocky” after fighting off criminals for the second time in two months.

Video from last week shows shop assistant Sara Marchant grab a bottle of gin from a thief and then put him in a headlock and physically throw him out after he seizes a case of beer.

In November, the 42-year-old made the news when she was caught on camera grabbing a plank of wood from a robber and using it against him.

Sara, from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, posted CCTV footage of the most recent incident, on Thursday, to social media.

She wrote: “ Not on our watch pal!”

The video shows a man standing at the checkout while Sara stands behind the till holding a bottle of gin.

The man tries to snatch the bottle from Sara’s grasp who quickly pulls away from the man.

He then walks towards the alcohol aisle and picks up a large crate of beer. Sara rushes onto the shop floor and grabs the man without hesitation.

Sara threw the thief out by the scruff of his neck. Image: Sara Marchant

Sara is helped by a woman who was able to grab the crate of beer. Sara got the thief in a headlock.

After the crate of beer was retrieved Sara grabs the thief by the scruff of the neck and throws him out of the shop.

Another clip dating back to November shows Sara thwarting an armed robbery.

A man is shown attacking a shop assistant with a plank of wood before Sara turns his weapon on the attacker.

Sara today said: “I didn’t think I just reacted.

Sara had a funny feeling the man was a thief. Image: Sara Marchant

“I was just fuming that he had the cheek to do it, it’s not until after you think about what could of happened.”

Sara’s shop manager Sandra Herman, 58, told local media the locals are now treating her with extra respect.

He said Sara is being told: “Now then, Rocky, I’m not messing with you!”

Sara’s heroics have inspired many in the comments.

Emma Trainor Doble said: “They should know not to even bother. Well done girls.”

The thief tried to steal a crate of Stella Artois. Image: Sara Marchant

Gemma Louise Bousfield wrote: “Oh my f****** God what is it with people and your shop. Well done both of you.”

Laragh Jefferson said: “Amazing. Shocking that you had to do that but go on lasses!”

Donna Hugill added: “Well done to you both, Sara dragging him out by the scruff of the neck though, absolute class.”

Craig Harker wrote: “Well done girls. Dangerous! But very brave of you. Both come and have a free meal on me at The George Pub and Grill.”

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