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Best DJ tips for beginners

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Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Skrillex. If you have heard any of these names, then you probably make a move the first moment you hear an EDM or someone Djing. As stated by many people, DJs are the most important element in all of the events. Whether it be a casual ceremony or a dance battle, Djing is always the source code of the function. They keep it low profile and manage to sit in one corner, but at the same time, all eyes are narrowed over them as they light up the mood of the environment.

Djing is a pretty part of the entertainment. It keeps the flow of the rhythm continuous and manages to make everyone move a little bit too extreme at their position. But Djing is not easy as it looks. It is not just the mixing of lined-up music and in-between manipulation of sounds on phonographic records. It takes a lot of points to keep in mind if you wish to step into the world of Djing. So here, we have a list of Best Djing Advice For Beginners that give you a glimpse of the appealing world of the music industry of DJs.


The music system you prefer makes everything perfect for the day. And you don’t need to have heavy knowledge in the field of DJ controllers. Choose the best option for you that suits your usage, your hand’s gestures, and, most importantly, the budget. Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3, Roland DJ-505, and Denon MCX8000 are some good types of equipment to get started with. You can also check the review of the best DJ controller for beginners online. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 has some of the best reviews till the day it was launched and is famous for its easy handling and its mixing features.

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Identify Your Audience

Always have an idea of your audience before you perform. That doesn’t mean you ask everyone what type of music they like and play it. It means to get around the area where the stage is, the quantity of crowd which is going to be present, and the general music vibe of the moment. Empathy is the key here. Check the time slot you’re going to perform and a glimpse of the mind frame of the people before you perform.

Plan In 3s

Try to organize your music in a set of three music. When you plan a set, try finding three music groups that can either be mixed with one another or can be played in transition to one another. Try the formulation of many sets of such music for the required time period so that you have an idea when to take things slow and when to start the bang. Always remember, spontaneity is the essence of every good DJ.

Avoid The Red Levels

Always take a pre-check-up of your equipment. Make sure you are getting a good strong signal in and out of the mixer. But always remember to keep the volume out of the red zone. Boosting the channel gain or master volume into the red level, distorts your signal and degrades the quality of sound. Most DJs have this guilt of going into the red level while in the heat of the crowd’s cheering and prevent their control of going at the red level. Make sure you see the meters in every fixed interval of time.

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Confidence Is The Key To Success

We talked about your selection of music, your system, and their settings. But the most important part is the self-confidence that you should always take with yourself while leaving your home to perform. Always practice in your quality time so as to maintain the level of your presence in Djing. Always have your flexibility. Never try to take be someone else when your taste is totally different. Know your type of place and audience. And keep your fingers upon yourself and make it good enough that it becomes a thing in itself.

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