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Inchcape: Pushing For Positive Change in the Shipping Industry

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In order to create systemic change within any industry, modernisation efforts must be made in terms of implementation of technology, global governance across all fronts, and an ongoing commitment to supplying real-time solutions to thoroughly modern customer demands.

Within the particularly segmented shipping industry, leading efforts must be made to unify mutually invested parties for the sake of successful operations, including shippers, charteres, operators and crew, and purveyors of shipping services.

Through these unification efforts, compliance standards must be implemented on a global scale, creating positive forward motion for the modernizing industry.

Leading the charge toward modernization of the shipping sector, Inchcape Shipping Services aims to leverage an impressive global network, local insights and partnerships, implementation of technology, commitment to compliance, and complete transparency to shape the evolving industry.

With the shipping agent’s roots tracing back to 1847, the company has parlayed expertise throughout their continued growth, and currently enjoys a breadth of reach via 250 offices within 68 countries, and crucial access to over 2,500 ports.

This global reach not only allows the shipping agent to provide unprecedented service to customers on a global scale, it also allows Inchcape to lead global governance initiatives through their vast scale of operations.

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Simultaneously, through partnerships with local maritime experts, and a strong physical presence within leading home ports, the shipping agent is able to provide bespoke customer service typically available only within smaller companies.

This constant accessibility, and ability for customers to connect with personnel at all times, fosters a growing long-term professional relationship between all parties that is conducive to the modernization of the shipping industry. 

With a commitment to transparency within an otherwise traditionally opaque sector, the shipping agent further builds upon the seemingly “new standard” of fostering trusting relationships.

Through an open approach to financial aspects of shipping, integrated compliance, and operations from start to finish, the shipping agent parlays a complete transparency with customers, allowing them to gain confidence, autonomy, and control over their experience.

Through an extensive array of port services, including full cargo agency, husbandry, dry docking, and financial management, the modern shipping agent seamlessly executes all physical tasks via highly skilled industry experts, providing cohesive full-service assistance. On the operational side, Inchcape provides exemplary marine services, like marine survey and inspection, supply chain solutions, and machinery services, in order to maintain operationally sound ventures on behalf of all customers.

Finally, through transparent and informationally based intelligence solutions, as well as forward-thinking financial management solutions, the innovative shipping agent leverages the power of technology for the betterment of all services provided. 

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With a mission statement aimed at connecting to a smoother, smarter ocean, the modern shipping agent is pushing for positive change in the traditionally fragmented industry. By propelling global standards, compliance initiatives, and global governance, Inchcape acts as a leader within the globalizing industry, ready to serve by example.

Through the company’s commitment to transparency, customer service, and proactive customer interaction, Inchcape lends confidence to all working partners, ensuring the highest standards will be applied throughout their experience, ones that align with their own standards of operation.

Through these factors, Inchcape is providing new standards for the changing industry, and creating positive change by implementing desired changes within their own leading operations.

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