Super smart girl, 7, comes up with genius hack for keeping a bag of crisps fresh


A SUPERSMART seven-year-old has come up with a brilliant hack for keeping a packet of crisps fresh.

Annelise McGibbon used the plastic opening from a packet of wet wipes and glue to create an airtight seal for her snacks.

Her mum, Michelle, 37, from Belfast, shared pictures of the impressive creation on social media.

The photos show how the seal from the Tesco wipes has been glued to the centre of a bag of Walker’s Sensations.

The result is an easy to access flap in the middle of the bag that can be easily resealed to maintain freshness.

Annelise is always inventing new things

Michelle posted the photos with the caption: “Hey Walkers crisps! Just wondering what you think of my daughters latest make on craft?

“She said it’s a snappy lid, to keep crisps fresh, once open and not finished lol! (Baby wipe snap lid removed, glued on, and packet cut open underneath).

“She’s only seven years old. I think this is super smart.”

Walkers seemed to agree, and their social media team replied: “We think she’s super smart too, Michelle!

“Very clever idea, well done. Not sure there’ll be any left though.”

The genius hack used a recycled top from a pack of wet wipes

Michelle went on to explain in the comments that the lid was attached using non-toxic glue.

Then only after it was dry, a hole was cut in the middle to prevent any contamination.

Speaking today, she said: “These were a few bags I’d bought for the family to share at gatherings over Christmas and New Year.

“Annelise does craft things all the time. She doodles and comes up with all sorts of funny things. She just randomly came in with this one.

“They stayed totally fresh! I was so surprised. Its obviously completely airtight.”