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Things to Know About Gear Leveler

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The gear lever enables the car to be shift into other gear on a manual exchange. In an auto gear exchange, the gear lever is recognized as tool to select the gear.

The gear stick or lever is usually located in between the both front car seats on a physical gear transmission. The gear stick is the most outer part of the gear changer box, and there is also a gear shifting design that shows the gear choice. The gear shift design shows what way the gear lever need to be used to select a specific gear.

Sign of problem with the gear box

Preventive transmission maintenance is always the most economical option. Often simply changing the gear fluid can help prevent more serious problems. And the car itself often gives evidence that it’s time to look for a garage. To avoid major damage, it is good to be aware of signs of transmission wear.

1) The gears do not fit

Transmissions are designed to enter correctly each time a change is made. But you are in neutral, or even moving, press the left pedal, move the lever, but the lock does not happen. This is a common problem with manual transmissions. Usually the problem is the low clutch fluid level, or the viscosity of the liquid. However, something more serious may be happening, such as damage to the clutch or other important assembly components.

2) Smell of burning

The smell of burnt oil, especially after idling, may be a sign of transmission overheating. The problem is also related to low fluid level or excess waste. Some vehicles have a gearbox radiator, which cools the oil and helps carry heat away from the transmission unit.

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3) Noise in neutral

The problem is rare and yet another has to do with gear fluid. The oil may be low or without the necessary viscosity to avoid friction between the parts. However, the problem may be mechanical. In this case, the cost will be higher as it will certainly require replacement of some components.

Custom gear levers 

When you like to add exclusivity to your car, think about buying a custom gear lever. There are many styles of gear levers available in market. To order a unique gear lever for your car, check outcar parts store

The gear lever is a significant part of gearbox. It is also a main part of vehicle control console. If you observe any issue while shifting gear, it’s significant to call a car mechanic immediately seeing that it may end up a complicated problem later.


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