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NewsBizarre moment road rage motorists roll around a London street as passers-by...

Bizarre moment road rage motorists roll around a London street as passers-by try to split them up

BIZARRE video shows two road rage motorists rolling around in the rain-soaked street as passers-by try to separate them.

The two men are seen, one of them in a leg lock, and lying in the road while they attempt to exchange blows.

A woman, thought to be the partner of one of the combatants, is joined by members of the public who arrive to try to break up the scrapping pair.

The fight took place on Thursday in Wandsworth, London, is though to have started after the driver of a 4×4 tried to take pictures of the couple’s car number plate.

The incident ended when police arrived and the driver of the 4×4 made off, according to witnesses.

The video was posted to twitter by a man who has wished to remain anonymous last night saying: “Just your standard evening in Clapham Junction.”

The clip shows two men rolling around on the wet road. One man wearing a beige jumper has his legs wrapped around the man who is believed to be the 4×4 driver.

The man started punching the 4×4 driver. A woman thought to be the man’s partner, is heard screaming and tries to split the pair up.

The men stayed locked together as they both jostle to out manoeuvre one another. The woman then tries to intervene, and grabs her partner’s arms.

Stunned commuters stop to peer their heads out of the window of their cars while passers-by come to try and reason with the angered men.

Rain continues to pour down on both men who are still fighting on the ground. The woman briefly walks away from the fight appearing to give up on them both.

The 4×4 driver is then seen holding on to the other man’ hand before the video cuts out.

The two men began scrapping in the road

Photographs taken shortly after the incident show two police vans and a police car at the scene. Both the red car and the blue 4×4 are surrounding the police vehicles.

However, some in the comments feel then men playing ‘Twister’ rather than fighting.

@Jasonburt68 said: “I used to love Twister.”

@FULuke added: “They’re just having a cuddle, it’s what people from Clapham do.”

@Eamonnkenny14 wrote: “Handbags.”
The resident who filmed the incident from his flat today said the man in the blue 4×4 ran away from his vehicle after the fight.

He said: “[It was] road rage I believe. I heard the shouting from the lounge so I went to the window to check.

The man in the blue 4×4 was shouting and abusing the couple in the red car, he was trying to take photos of the red car number plate when the man said something to him.

“Then they ended up having a fight.

Police were called to the scene

“The woman was screaming at him saying it was all his fault and just to leave them alone but the guy wasn’t really having it.

“Once it got broken up, the man from the blue car proceeded to abandon the car and march off down the road.

“[I] often see road rage incidents but none that ever escalate to a physical fight.”

He said the police arrived and sent out a search party to look for the brawler while the couple were questioned.

He added: “The police arrived and sent out a search team for the individual, but not sure they found him.

“The two police vans and one police car that turned up seemed a bit excessive. They [couple] got questioned and then were free to go.”

When asked if the man came back for his vehicle the resident said: “It wasn’t there this morning.”

A spokeswoman for the Met said: “Police were called at 20:04hrs on Thursday, 16 January to reports of an altercation on Lavender Hill, Wandsworth.

“Officers spoke to those believed to be involved. Neither wished to proceed with any allegation.”

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