Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsDebenhams send baffled banking manager sparkly trainers for five-year-old rather than formal...

Debenhams send baffled banking manager sparkly trainers for five-year-old rather than formal black shoes he ordered

A BANKING manager ordered a pair of smart, black shoes for work from Debenhams only to receive a pair of sparkly trainers meant for a five-year-old.

Lewis Jackson was astonished to open the package and find the tiny, glittery sneakers inside.

The 21-year-old from Wantage, Oxfordshire, had expected a pair of £30 Red Herring shoes to set the right image for his work with the Nationwide Building Society.

Lewis used a click and collect service to pick up the shoes, but it wasn’t until he unboxed the item at home that he realised what had happened.

Lewis had ordered the Red Herring shoes for his office job

Hilarious photos show the black, lace-up work shoes Lewis was expecting to collect compared to the silver and pink sparkly size 10 Skechers (corr) he received.

A tickled Lewis took to social media to share the hilarious blunder.

He posted the images with the caption: “There’s having a laugh and a joke and then there’s this.”

Lewis’ post, which has since clocked up more than 14,000 likes online, has had social media users in stitches.

@SMaddz wrote: “Serves you right for ordering those absolute b*******.”

Mark Wood added: “Better than the ones you ordered to be fair.”

Lewis received sparkly Skechers instead

@EJBradley said: “That’s class”

And @Miyafspence joked: “They told you it was a red herring.”

Speaking today, Lewis said: “Well I was very surprised, as I didn’t expect to see something so sparkly.

“I returned the shoes to Debenhams, but the ones I wanted were sold out so I ended up getting a refund on them.

“I didn’t think that it would blow up as much as it did, but obviously people share the same sense of humour I have.”

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